Tuesday, May 31, 2005


We're traveling again. It really gets at some people, I suppose (all the moving about and packing and unpacking) but I kinda like it. I like to drive around (mostly because I can read in peace most of the time! I've already finished three full books on this trip.), see new sights, meet new people, see friends that I haven't seen in ages. It's really cool, and I feel so blessed to be able to travel around the nation, when some people have never even left their homestate!
Anyway...we're at the Valine's house right now in NY. It's so cool to be able to see them again. They're such an awesome, lovable family. They make me so happy and it's so refreshing to be around them! We got to their house at around midnight and didn't get to bed until about 1:00am. Well, I guess I'll admit that I couldn't get up at any other time then about 8:45-50am. lol. Oh well, life goes on, I suppose. Well, gosh, a persons gotta do what a persons gotta do. lol. (Even if it means not getting up 'till the time I got up! *big grin*)
The conference that we're headed to next is the LEAH conference. The one before this was the North Carolina conference, NCHE. It was fun, Tiff and I had to wander around downtown Winston-Salem trying to find a small coffee shop called "Chelsee's" (oh, and btw, if you're ever in Winston-Salem, GO TO CHELSEE'S! It's SOOOO cute, and YUMMY!lol. I totally reccomend it! It's on "Trade Street"...we FINALLY found it! lol)
So...at the conference I bought three books from the "Lamplighter" booth and one book from a discount booth. Oh, and Vision Forum had a guy come to the conference that works at a zoo or something...anyway, he's a christian, homeschooler, wildlife guy and he brought a 12 foot Python, an alligator, and some kind of monkey (I can't remember if it was a chimpanzee, gorilla, or what.) I pet the Alligator, it felt really wierd.
Also, in VA we had the chance to visit "St Pauls Presbyterian Church"! It was so wonderful! Mr. Windham was preaching and he really is an awesome preacher! The sermon was very powerful, and I was entranced. I hope we get an opputunity to go again!
So, all in all we had a fun time, and I've really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks have in store for us!

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