Tuesday, May 31, 2005


We're traveling again. It really gets at some people, I suppose (all the moving about and packing and unpacking) but I kinda like it. I like to drive around (mostly because I can read in peace most of the time! I've already finished three full books on this trip.), see new sights, meet new people, see friends that I haven't seen in ages. It's really cool, and I feel so blessed to be able to travel around the nation, when some people have never even left their homestate!
Anyway...we're at the Valine's house right now in NY. It's so cool to be able to see them again. They're such an awesome, lovable family. They make me so happy and it's so refreshing to be around them! We got to their house at around midnight and didn't get to bed until about 1:00am. Well, I guess I'll admit that I couldn't get up at any other time then about 8:45-50am. lol. Oh well, life goes on, I suppose. Well, gosh, a persons gotta do what a persons gotta do. lol. (Even if it means not getting up 'till the time I got up! *big grin*)
The conference that we're headed to next is the LEAH conference. The one before this was the North Carolina conference, NCHE. It was fun, Tiff and I had to wander around downtown Winston-Salem trying to find a small coffee shop called "Chelsee's" (oh, and btw, if you're ever in Winston-Salem, GO TO CHELSEE'S! It's SOOOO cute, and YUMMY!lol. I totally reccomend it! It's on "Trade Street"...we FINALLY found it! lol)
So...at the conference I bought three books from the "Lamplighter" booth and one book from a discount booth. Oh, and Vision Forum had a guy come to the conference that works at a zoo or something...anyway, he's a christian, homeschooler, wildlife guy and he brought a 12 foot Python, an alligator, and some kind of monkey (I can't remember if it was a chimpanzee, gorilla, or what.) I pet the Alligator, it felt really wierd.
Also, in VA we had the chance to visit "St Pauls Presbyterian Church"! It was so wonderful! Mr. Windham was preaching and he really is an awesome preacher! The sermon was very powerful, and I was entranced. I hope we get an opputunity to go again!
So, all in all we had a fun time, and I've really enjoyed it. I can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks have in store for us!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The FEAST Conference

Well, I got back from MY first conference of the year yesterday, well, rather, this morning (at 12:30am). I met so many new people and had such fun! I didn't find any books to buy but I walked around anyway and looked at them! :) The first night I stayed with Dad and Mom at the "Antonian Inn and Suites", the second night I stayed at the Arnolds house! Liz and I were watching Basketball on the computer. She really wanted Dallas to win (Dallas and Pheonix were playing), I don't really care 'cause I don't know anything about basketball. lol. Caleb has decided that he doesn't like the Rockets anymore and that they stink. Now he likes the San Antonio Spurs. BOooo! Sorry, but I'm still loyal to my hometowns team. :)
Liz, Sarah and I went and got people that were working at booths all alone their food! There were a LOT of people that we served. It was fun though.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Caleb's Horrid Experience!

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to fall out of the back of a pickup truck? Well, Caleb did this week, and here is his experience in his own words:

"Yesterday afternoon while I was at work, I was helping some of the guys take the garbage out to the dumpster. We loaded all the boxes into the back of a friends pick-up truck and I climbed into the bed at sat myself on top of all the stuff. My friend started the engine and slowly pulled out of the space where we were parked. Before I knew what was happening, I realized that I was no longer sitting on top of cardboard boxes, but doing several flips through the air! Another friend, who was outside watching, started to run after me. After spinning like Sonic, I came crashing down on the pavement and made a smooth (ha-ha) landing like an airplane and came to a complete stop beside the sewer drain.

My sister came out and after realizing what had happened, she had my other sister get a wet cloth to clean my very bloodied face. Everybody tried to let me know it was all okay, but I had already gone into shock. My mom came out to find out where we were, and then she ran inside to get my dad. They took me inside and gave me a cookie, and then my friend went out and bought me a frozen fruit bar.

My jeans and shirt were all torn and filthy. I lost a bunch of skin off of my knees, elbows, shoulders, arms and face. When we got home, my dear mother cleaned my wounds up and tried to make them feel better. I had so much trouble sleeping, but thankfully, I am feeling better now. We had to throw my clothes away, but one of my older sisters kept my back pocket for her memory box...but she will never know what is in the back pocket. ;-)" -Caleb McDonald

Friday, May 13, 2005

Chronicles of Narnia Teaser Trailer...

It's finally out! The "Chronicles of Narnia:The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" teaser trailer is finally out. It's really cool and it puts me at the edge of my seat...I'm DYING to see it. I can't wait to go see it in theatres when it comes out on December 9th! Here's the link if anyone is interested in seeing it for themselves:

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

100 Things to Say While Ordering Pizza

I got this list from a Friends blog and I thought that it would be fun to post them. It's not all of them, only a few, but they made me laugh too hard!

100 Things to Do While Ordering Pizza

1. If using a touch-tone, press random numbers while ordering. Ask the person taking the order to stop doing that.
2. Make up a charge-card name. Ask if they accept it.
7. Give them your address, exclaim "Oh, just surprise me!" and hang up.
13. Do not name the toppings you want. Rather, spell them out.
19. Say hello, act stunned for five seconds, then behave as if they called you.
24. Order 52 pepperoni slices prepared in a fractal pattern as follows from an equation you are about to dictate. Ask if they need paper.
27. If they repeat the order to make sure they have it right, say "OK. That'll be $10.99; please pull up to the first window."
30. Ask if you get to keep the pizza box. When they say yes, heave a sigh of relief.
38. When they say "What would you like?" say, "Huh? Oh, you mean now."
52. Ask what their phone number is. Hang up, call them, and ask again.
53. Order two toppings, then say, "No, they'll start fighting."
60. If he/she suggests anything, adamantly declare, "I shall not be swayed by your sweet words."
63. Start the conversation with "My Call to (Pizza Place), Take 1, and. . . action!"
67. When they repeat your order, say "Again, with a little more OOMPH this time."
75. When listing toppings you want on your pizza, include another pizza.
82. Make the first topping you order mushrooms. Make the last thing you say "No mushrooms, please." Hang up before they have a chance to respond.
84. When you've been given the price, say "Ooooooo, that sounds complicated. I hate math."
88. When they say "Will that be all?", snicker and say "We'll find out, won't we?"
93. Dance all around the word "pizza." Avoid saying it at all costs. If he/she says it, say "Please don't mention that word."
100. If any of the above practices are rejected by the order taker, say, in your best pouty voice, "Last guy let me do it."

A picture of my friend Emma K. (who I met at the conference) and I at the ball/conference in Moscow, Idaho. Posted by Hello

Our First Conference of the Year!

Tommorow is the day that Dad and some of our family will leave for the first conference of the year!!! It's in Arlington, on Mothers Day weekend. We just finished loading up the trailer so it will be ready to go.
The first conference is always so exciting, of course, around the middle of the conference season we all get worn out and wish we could relax at home, instead of being constantly on the road. But it's so much fun to see historical sites, meet wonderful new people and help families all around the nation! It's so awesome to realize that what you are selling, or what your message is, is helping others!
It's so wonderful to have a vision! A vision that can be passed down to generations. A legacy. And a purpose.

Monday, May 02, 2005

On Serenity and Lawn Parties...

Lawn Parties…...aren’t they wonderful things? They allow you time to visit and talk with your friends and they give you a time of peace and relaxation (unless of course you have little brothers or sisters that you have to chase all around the neighborhood.:). I love to sit, drink tea from china cups while watching the clouds roll by.
Of course another wonderful element of a lawn party is getting to dress up in fashions gone by. The serenity of springtime colors and the gentle spring breeze bring a lawn party to life. Personally, I hope to have many lawn parties before the hot weather decides to glide in.
Abigail and I at the lawn party. Posted by Hello
Us again at the lawn party playing bacci ball. Posted by Hello
Another picture from the park... Posted by Hello

My Friends and I at my moms baby shower. Posted by Hello