Thursday, June 08, 2006

Prayer Request

“God is in Control…we believe that his children will not be forsaken! God is in control…we will choose to remember and never be shaken…” – Twila Paris

God really is in control. A friend from church headed up to Ohio several weeks ago for a surgery. Reece Oakley has Spina bifida. After much prayer, he went into surgery and…by the grace of God; he came out of the surgery room actually better than he went in! What I ask of you is that you would pray for him as he recovers from this tedious surgery and that he will be granted peace and courage for the days to come. His family is still in Ohio right now, but I have been told that they will probably be back in the Lone Star State before the 4th of July, so that we will be able to celebrate that glorious day with them. I am including some pictures of him from his surgery and of his family. We miss you soooo much, Oakley family! Y’all are in our prayers!

The Oakley Kids- Robby, Ryan, Reece, Russell and Maddy.


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