Thursday, June 01, 2006


Swimming! What fun! Probably one of the better things that summertime brings to us in Texas. Lying In the pool, or tanning in the sun! Tiffany and I took the kids swimming the other day in our 2 by 8 ft pool that lays in our backyard. After several hours of soaking in the water, Tiffany and I made up our minds to lay a towel in the grass and lay in the warm comfort of the sun. So that’s what we did. And it was very fun, being able to sit and chat about everything that’s happening. And since we had such an exciting time, I feel I must post some pictures of our exciting day.

"Sister, Sister, there was never such devoted sisters..." Tiff and I enjoying the sun.

Abigail (with her...uh...goggles) and Grace in the pool.


Grace in the pool trying out her new goggles.

Above: Abigail having fun in the sun.

Virginia Grace enjoying the pleasent shade a sombraro brings. :)

Fun in the Sun!!

Emma Kate looking oh so cute!

Having fun in the pool.


Sarah said...

I looked for you at conference today but you were nowhere to be found!! I was sooo sad!! Were you there??
Love always,

Jessica McDonald said...

I looked for you as well, and couldn't find you. I thought that maybe y'all decided not to come on Thursday! Well, I guess we can see each other today...I can't wait! I miss you!!

Jessica said...

Ahhh...lying in the sun and chatting with a sister...what bliss! Just curious...where do you all find your swimsuits/swimming clothing? It's so hard to find modest swimsuits that I was just curious where you all find yours....

anna joy said...

Looks like y'all had ALOT of fun!
I also enjoy soaking up some nice warm SUN once in awhile; especially during the summer.;)

Jessica McDonald said...

try !! :)

Jessica said...

Okay...thank you!