Monday, June 12, 2006

Updates...(like usual)

We've had a very interesting month so far. To begin, Dad, Mom, Christa, and William flew off to San Diego, California for a church meeting of some sort. Tiffany and Emma stayed with the Durens, and Melissa, Caleb, Abigail, Grace, and myself stayed with the Carter family. Only one word can describe our stay...FUN!
The first day we ate homemade pizza, watched Sense and Sensibility, ate some popcorn, and went to bed. The second day we played cards, read books, watched kids, ate meals, and to top it off we watched an awesome movie called The Ghost and Mrs Muir, a movie made in the 30's or 40's starring Rex Harrison!!! It was very good...Bethany C. and I cried alot and yelled a bit at the screen (Uncle Neddy, indeed...!). It was a very exciting night. lol.
The next day we did about the same things as I mentioned before, except that at about 5:00 or so in the evening Mrs. Carter was hosting a food presentation, so a couple of familys came over and we (Melissa, Bethany and I) received the task of keeping the kids quiet and under control. So we listened to music and played yet another card game (Egyptian Rapture!!!) . Only this time Bethany got a bit violent with those long nails of hers...but you probably don't want to hear about that. :) (lol. Don't worry, we weren't trying to kill each other. She accidently poked me with her nails when we both went to slap the card in our game. But I was quickly contented with my Spiderman bandaid.:) lol.)

The next morning, we left the house with all the girls (Caleb and Sam stayed home with Grandpa Carter.) and made our way to a quilting guild meeting that Mrs. Carter is a part of. Then Mrs Carter took a friend of hers to the Marine/Navy Reserve center to pick up something. Bethany and I wanted to get a Marine's autograph...but Mrs. Carter didn't go for that. :) Actually, the real reason we wanted to is because Bethany has a "Marine Corps" deck of cards and she wanted to get those signed. *sigh* oh well. :) We finally got back to the Carter house. Bethany and I dressed up 20's style and performed a song for her Grandpa. It was very funny (the song...I'm not so sure about us!!). To end our stay, Dad and Mom came and picked us up and we came home. But we had such an exciting time! Thank you Carter Family!!!

Well, soon it was the SETHSA conference. So everybody except Mom, Christa, and William pack into the van and head off to the Reliant Center (right by Reliant Stadium.). I had such a good time!! I saw many friend that I haven't seen in a very long time and we had a marvelous time talking, laughing and remembering. Generation Joshua was also there having their campaigning thing. :) I voted for the person who won at the end. Funny how that always The sad thing about leaving the conference was that I won't see anyone that I saw there until the next year! :( *sigh*

Well, my older brother picked Caleb and I up early from the conference and we headed off to my Aunt's wedding. (Dad and Tiffany didn't get to go.) It was really lovely. Mom told me to watch the grooms face when the bride came down the aisle, so I did. It was so sweet to see his face light up the minute he saw her! They make a lovely couple. The reception was a beautiful event as well. And the food was wonderful. When the music started and people went to the dance floor, Caleb and I got up and danced a bit. It's so nice to have a brother. :) We danced to What a Wonderful World. After a while, we made our way home and bed. It was such an exciting night!

Several weeks later we had yet another event! Tiffany, Melissa, Dad, and I painted the parlor and dining room!! It was so much fun! I'll have to post pictures soon (since we got LOTS of them!!) Actually, I have pictures of a lot of the events I've talked about, so when I get a chance I'll post them (or try to!).



Alice said...

Oh, yes! I want to see pictures! Hey, did you call here the other day?

Jessica McDonald said...

Yes, I did. :) I was making some orders for our bookstore and I accidently called y'alls house instead of your Dad. :D Oops! LOL.
I'm going to load those pictures on the computer soon...

Alice said...

Hahaha; that's funny. Oo, yay! Pictures!