Saturday, June 24, 2006

"Take me out to the ballgame..."

"Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out to the crowd...!"


Guess where I was on Wendsday evening? THE BASEBALL GAME! I went with Dad, Mr. Duren and Emily Duren. James, Caleb and Mr.Oakley came as well, but in a different car and they had different seats.
After much screaming, yelling, cheering, hooting, rooting, clapping, waving and jumping up and down, the Houston Astros beat Minnesota 5 to 3!!! Yeah!!
It was so much fun! The only dissapointing thing about it was that my favorite player wasn't playing that night. :( Oh well, I have actually 4 favorites, Biggio, Wilson, Berkman and Bakke (who wasn't there.).

"...Root, root, root for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame. For it's one, two, three strikes your out at the old ballgame!"

It was an awesome night. And I'm so glad that I could go!



Danya said...

Hey! hope you got home safe. we ended up finding a copy machine after you guys pulled out. I'll mail the story to you soon. we started the sequal, and Charming is quite taken with you in it. haha. well, just wanted to say hi and that i like your blog. i hope you still have mine!

love always,

The Pookie said...

Hey, I think we're coming to yall's July 4th party!!!! YEAH!!!
I can't wait to see yall there!


Jessica McDonald said...

Danya, yes, we got home all in one piece...thankfully. :D
AWESOME! I can't wait to get it. I've been telling everyone about it. Yeah, I still have your blog,and I'll comment as soon as I get a chance. Have you seen Ice Age? Maybe one of the characters from that should be in it. :) LOL. Hint. Hint. LOL.
GO CHARMING! lol. GOODY,finally! After all..."Charming is sooo smart!" :D LOL!!! I miss you bunches!

Brooke, yipee!! I was hoping y'all would come! I was jumping up and down when I was told that y'all were coming! YEAH!! BTW, a boy is coming that looks like the spitting image of your older brother. No Joke. He even has a J name.:D LOL. Can't wait to see you!

Toodles, jess

Danya said...

greetings Lady Jessica. I have been reviewing the situation and...i don't want to be a princess. I'm going to be the Queen. THE Queen. not queen, THE Queen. That's actually my nickname, so it seems only proper that I should be Queen Danya instead of princess, don't you think? yes, we were hoping Charming would come around. but he's a little crazy too. A bullet damaged his hormones while he was trying to save you from Captain Hook. We're still debating on how to rescue you. Anyway, yes, i do believe we might be meeting Sid. haha. miss you too! i was depressed at breakfast because the food wasn't as good...oh and because you weren't there!! well, ttyl!


Danya said...

you did not inform me that the alarms went off in the hotel when you were there. what fun! and you forgetting the room key, too. sounds nothing like you. :)

Jessica McDonald said...

LOL. FINALLY! I was hoping Charming would finally be nice to me. :D LOL.
Queen?! Poor Princess Mallory! Is she a queen too? And what about Lady Jessica (me)? Do I get a status raise too? LOL.
I miss you!


The Pookie said...

Okay, my curiosity is peaked... Might I be as bold as to inquire the story behind this "Pricess Mallory" and "THE Queen" (not A Queen, THE queen)And "Charming" stuff???? :)

John seems to have several "spittin' images"...especially when it's dark outside! Half the boys from our church look the same when it's dark out! The only way to truly identify them, is by memorizing their speech, shoes, and the way they walk/run..... flashlight tag can be a REAL challenge!


c u then,


Jessica McDonald said...

I'll tell you all about it on the's a LONG story! LOL.

I'm soooo excited that you're coming!!! YEAHHHHH! Melissa said, "I finally get to meet the pookie girl." LOL.

I can't wait to see you!

Danya said...

Well, you see Miss Pookie, on our way to the homeschool conference, we wrote a random story in which myself and my cousin, Mallory, were princesses. Our older brother is Prince Charming and Lady Jessica has a crush on him. (An unhealthy crush, i must say. no offense, jess.) We meet random characters and you never know what's going to happen next. so there.
And, I'm not sure about this whole status raise thing, Jessica. Right now, since you are captive, you really are incapable of doing anything, much less becoming a princess. But I suppose since I am THE Queen that I might be able to give you something. But I would have to discuss this with Mallory. J/K. Sure, why not? Maybe you can be a princess, or a dutchess or something. i don't care.

The Pookie said...

What brilliance! I admire your creativity! You have inspired me.... :)

I'll see you tomorrow jess, brooke

Jessica McDonald said...

LOL. Pardon me, Danya, but Lady Jessica has a crush on him, NOT the REAL Jessica. LOL. And anyway, everyone knows that Prince Charmning eventually marrys Sleeping Beauty. :D LOL.