Friday, February 16, 2007

The Lone Star! :D


For those who were wondering about Emma, nothing has happened yet. She's scheduled for a visit to a surgeon (it's a certain kind of surgeon but I can't remember what he's called.) on the 20th. I will be sure to update after that though.

And...guess where we are right now! :) Texas! Wahoo! (or should I say "yeehaw"? :D) We had to do some stuff with our store, so we came down on Tuesday! We're all so happy to be back in the great Lone Star state...even if only for a week. We never realized how much we all missed skyscrapers, traffic and hundreds of stores only minutes away. We drove by our old house and saw a shiny black car parked in the driveway (a bit different than our 15 passenger E350! :D) and a junior high school sign planted in the yard.
Right now we're staying with my Aunt and Uncle in Houston. So far, the trip has been pretty uneventful. Though we've seen many of our very dear friends and relatives! Daniel and Christa also came down to visit us (and help out at the store.) and we've had a lovely time with being the first time we've seen them since the wedding.
I do have one pretty humerous story before I close, though.

My aunt has this huge stuffed tiger by her front door. And it looks very real. Well, we ordered pizza while we were here and this little guy rang the door bell to deliver our pizza. Tiff opened the door and his eyes got wide as he saw the savage beast. :) He pointed (his hand shaking) "T..i..g..errr..." He trembled.
"Oh, don't worry, it's fake." Tiff assured him.
He smiled nervously, took the check gave her the pizza and ran for his car. LOL. It was pretty funny and we all had a good laugh afterwards.

I'll post photos soon! :)



Sierra Candler said...

How old was he again? 5?:)

Well anyway, glad ya'll having a good time there, it's supposed to get down to negative 4, Also we will be getting about 4 inches! Love you!

Tayla said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!Maybe just maybe we'll see eachother.When will you be leaving(not that I'm in rush to see you leave or anything)?Talk to you later We've got a wedding rehearsel to attend(a good friend's)

Jessica McDonald said...

Sierra, what I mean by "little" is small. :) I miss you too. Lucky y'all! Of course, I'm freezing (and I'm in TEXAS!) so maybe not...:D lol.

Talya, we're leaving tommorow! :( But if we could see y'all before then it would be awesome! :)

luv, jess

Moi said...

Have a safe trip home! We're praying for y'all...