Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Emma's Surgery...Over!

Thank the Lord! Emma is safely out of surgery and the "bump" is removed. Apparently it was several blood vessels tangled together. As we watched my father get her out of the car she was fast asleep. We were told that her head hurts terribly and so does her throat (due to the tube being stuck down it during the surgery). We're all eager to see our little Emma up and about again, but we're waiting patiently (or trying!) for her to awake on her own. My parents said that she was very brave, of which we are glad. She's always been a very courageous little girl! :)

Thank you everyone so very much for you prayers and encouragement, they mean so much to all of us and especially to Emma.

jessica nicole


Joe McLean said...

Praise the Lord it's not cancerous! I'm glad the surgery went well with out any complications.

Thanks for praying for my Mom. She didn't have a heart attack (PTL!), and her blood pressure went down to normal on it's own... We think it was the prayers she got. The baby is doing alright too.

Jessica McDonald said...

Thank you so much for the prayers!
I'm so glad to hear that your mom is doing alright. We heard something about a heart attack and we were all so worried. it's good to hear that she's fine now!!


Talya said...

I'm VERY glad to hear that all is well.

The Pookie said...

Bless her heart! She looks so tired! Thank the Lord all is well.


Megan Rose said...

The Lord is SOOO good!!!
I hope she feels better soon:)

Sierra Elizabeth said...

Thank the Lord!! We are all sooo happy that she is all right, I absolutely love the picture she looks so peaceful! Love ya, Sierra

Darby said...

Glad to hear it went well! The Lord is good! Have you seen the Last Sin Eater yet? It is sooo good!