Friday, February 23, 2007

Our Trip To Beloved Texas...

Right Before we left for Texas (below). Standing in the middle of our completly frozen lake...freezing, of course. :)

H-E-B! We miss and love you!!! :)

Daniel and Emma

Downtown Houston!!! :)

Myself, Tiffany, Christa, Daniel and Melissa at the Durens house.

Mr. Duren, John, Mrs. Duren, Mom and Dad.

Christa, Dad, Mom and Daniel together at our dear friends, the Durens home.

Christa, William and Daniel at Goode & Co for dinner.


sierra candler said...

That picture of William is so adorable! Thanks for posting pictures, can't wait to see you tomorrow! luv you!

Anonymous said...

JESSICA! I can't believe you came all the way to Texas and didn't tell me! shame on you! jk. well, next time you come, you better tell me ok??? glad you had fun!AnnaB

Anonymous said...

Jessica - that is not downtown Houston. That's just a lttle building.

Delaney said...

sounds like you had fun I know what you mean about the snow it is snowing right as I write this. Delaney