Thursday, February 22, 2007

We watched the most adorable movie today. The Slipper and the Rose.

A lovely version of the Cinderella story. I've seen 3 versions, and this, I must say, is my favorite. The music was lively and fun, the costumes GORGEOUS (underlined, capitalized, italicized, bolded and underlined!), the dances (which we're bent on learning!) beautiful and everything about it, sweet and intriguing. I highly reccomend it. It was made by the makers of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins, so don't be suprised when the dances slightly remind you of Chimney Sweeps or a bunch of old men trying to create another flying car.... :)

But it was lovely and I really enjoyed it!

p.s we go to Liberty Day tommorow! I'll be sure to post about it!! :)


Talya said...

It sounds good.Did you know,Disney is making a third Cinderella?I didn't even know they made a second.

sierra candler said...

It does sound good, I think I've seen only two versions, I'm going to ask mom if we can rent it out sometime. See ya Sunday!

Jessica McDonald said...

Talya, believe me, it's wonderful! I love it!! :D Really? I think it's so dumb when they make all these sequels to movies that don't need them! Like they made a Fox and the Hound 2! Who wants to see that?? lol. Crazy...

Sierra, Or maybe next time y'all come over we could watch it! :) that would be so fun. :D