Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jane Austen Heroine Quiz

I took a Jane Austen Heroine Quiz! And guess who I was??

I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

I guess that would make sense, though. :)

-jessica nicole

p.s Here's a Guy version. Jane Austen "heroes" :)


if I'm Marianne does that mean I'm related to them?

And does that mean I marry HIM?!

Well, I do LOVE her wedding gown....:D


Anonymous said...

I was Edward Ferrars, is that good or bad?

Emil Bandy

Elissa said...

I'm Elizabeth Bennet YAY! My fav! Though I'm not sure if it really describes me quite accuratly.
Fun quiz!

The Pookie said...

I was Emma Woodhouse... which I already knew very well.. In fact, John got me a shirt that says "The Next Emma Woodhouse" ....

I love Jane Austen!!!

BTW, yes Edward Farras is good.


Jessica McDonald said...

Emil, yeah. Edward Ferrars is good.:D
Elissa, Lizzy?! Oooo! lucky, you get to live in Pemberly...mind if I visit sometime? :D lol.
Brooke, Emma...yeah, I could see you as her. :D lol.


Joe McLean said...

I'm this guy. I don't even know who he is. Is this some rich guy in Holywood?

You scored as Captain Wentworth.

Captain Wentworth from Persuasion is summed up in one word: noble. He's a gentleman, brave, and independent, but he is also willing to set pride aside to try again for the heart of the woman he loves.

Elissa said...

Certainly come and Visit any time! ;P

Jessica McDonald said...

Joe, lol. Yeah, he's rich. No he doesn't live in Hollywood. He lives somewhere in England. lol. Have you ever read any books by Jane Auten or seen any Jane Austen movies? That's what he's from. :D

Elissa, lol. Awesome!!:D LOL.


Joe McLean said...

No, I've never heard of Jane Austen.

We generally don't watch movies (I've only watched under 10 in my life), hence why I've probably never heard of him.

Has James been doing computer design work? I heard somewhere a while ago he's been doing that. If so, I'd be interested in seeing what he's done, since I'm interested in that sort of work too.


darby said...

I was Elinor Dashwood probably because I am so sensible. NOT! :D That was fun! I am in FL right now at the Ligonier conference and I am having a blast! Luv you Jess! Darby

Jessica McDonald said...

Joe, I have no idea. lol. My brother works a lot, so I don't see him hardly at all. I don't know if he's doing computer design right now, I think he is though, I know he's been doing it. :)

Darby, lol. Well, don't feel bad, you're my sister!!! :D lol. Awesomeness...:D


sierra candler said...

Jessica, I'm Maryanne! Hmmm, I wonder why we are both the same? Can't wait until Saturday! Love ya!

Lenna said...

I did it once but I messed up on one of them. So I did it again and guess which one I got Maryanne =D

Elissa said...

This is completely off the subject, but I saw 'Our Mutual Friend' was a favorite movie of yours, and we've been thinking about whatching it, and I was just wondering what it's about.

Elissa said...


Jessica McDonald said...

Elissa, It's actually an excellent movie!! I think you'd love it! I certainly did! :D But there is ONE part that you have to fast forward. It's near the beginning of the last part (it's split up into parts). It lasts for maybe two minutes, I think. Other that that is WONDERFUL!! :D
btw, do you have an email address? I'd love to email back and forth with you.

luv, jessica

Elissa said...

Why are there always those parts??? Drives me nuts... o well. :D Ya, my email is

Suzanne said...

I'm Elizabeth Bennet. But I'm not sure I'm quite like her. lol. But she's my fav. Sorry we didn't go to the hymn sing. My mom and dad were really tired. Hope to see you soon.
~ Suzanne~

Delaney Sproul said...

I was Elinor Dwashwood. She is a lot like me I only got to see the last thirty minutes of it but I still like it. I really like the quiz. By, Delaney ******** :o)