Monday, March 05, 2007

Tagged! :D


You might know how much I absolutely love tags. Well, this time my dear friend Brooke tagged me. So here goes! :)

Tag rules: List two things people do that you like, and two things they do that you don't like. You may tag no more than five others:

1. I love it when people actually overcome their embarrassment and give dancing a try!!
2. I like it when people admit that the game Taboo really is a lot of fun.
3. I don't like it when someone decides to ruin everyone's good mood by displaying their bad mood.
4. I don't like it when someone has no sense of humor and gets mad at practical jokes. :)

I tag (I know, y'all are all getting fed up with me tagging y'all all the time. hehe.)

1. Megan Carlson
2. Ashton Bandy
3. Jessica Erber
4. Jonathan Erber
5. Sierra Candler

Happy Wednesday,

jessica nicole mcdonald

p.s. I made a test to figure out how well you know me. :) Enjoy!!


Joe McLean said...

I hate tags =P I'll just forward you all the tags I get.

I scored %55 on your test. I created one too. Check it out.

Darby said...

I got like a 68 on your test. What is your fave time period? And where do you want to go?

Talya said...

I did your quiz.I did...terriblly
44% that is lousy.Oh well.It says Talya H because I wasn't going to put my last name there(since it's uncommon)

Elizabeth McLean said...

I got only 44% LOL... I made mine own =D

Jonathan M. Erber said...

Well, I might actually have time to give this tag a try! Let's see...