Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Little Brothers :)

A conversation with my two year old brother, William:

Me: William do you like Daddy?
Him: No
Me: Mommy?
Him: No
Me: Bubba (James)?
Him: No
Me: Christa?
Him: No
Me: Tissy (Tiff)?
Him: No
Me: Lala (Melissa)?
Him: No
Me: Me?
Him: No
Me: Bubby (Caleb)?
Him: No
Me: Abby?
Him: No
Me: Grace?
Him: No
Me: Emma?
Him: No
Me: Do you like frogs?
Him: No
Me: Do you like bugs?
Him: No
Me: Do you like John Deere?
Him: Yes! John Deere!

LOL. That's a little brother for you. :)


The Pookie said...

Oh yes, that is the way they are. Josiah will tell me all about how he loves me to get a cookie...but once the cookie is in his hands, he says, "nevermind" with a wicked grin and runs away.... little squirt. :)lol


Darby said...

That is pretty funny. My brother is like that only he likes bugs. :D

Joe McLean said...

Isn't little kids minds so funny? My grandma keeps track of all the funny stuff we've said when we were little.

Talya said...

Haha.Those photos are wonderful!

Elissa said...

LOL! Seth says lots of stuff like that! Only it's usually yes, like- is your hair purple? YES! Haha, little brothers are so much fun! I just noticed you have my blog on your links that's so sweet! This is only my second time to visit your blog!
~Elissa P.

Delaney said...

that is so funny! my little brother reilly he will eat anything he was eating the sand in our sand box this morning it was the most funny thing ever ( i do not think he thought it was very funny though.) Delaney