Monday, March 05, 2007

A funny moment last week.

Emma walks into the kitchen. "Mom said to get me some milk please." She announced walking up to me.
"Alright." I replied on my way to the cupboard. I pulled out a cup. But Emma was not pleased.
"I want a purple cup..."
"Orange lid...."
"this amount of milk..."
I let out a long sigh. "Emma," I finally crossed my arms and said looking down at my little sister. "You are a very spoiled young lady." I smiled.
She put her hands on her hips looked up at me. "Jessica," She said levelly. "You are a codfish!"

LOL. Okay, so she's watched Peter Pan one too many times. lol.

Oh, and try to guess what famous author said this.... (I found it and I laughed so's so her...the author, I mean.)

jessica mcdonald


Joe McLean said...

Codfish! Hahaha! That's so funny! My little sister said something funny to me yesterday but I forgot it. It' wasn't quite as funny as that!

Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...

She is soooo cute! There is your new nickname! :-)

The quote, is it from Jane Austen?

Love you and Miss you!

sierra candler said...

I agree that codfish should be your new nickname!

I have no clue who said that quote, you have to tell me next week...And don't you DARE laugh!!

Love you, Sierra

darby said...

I think it is Jane Austen! And I am not copying Christa I knew right when I read it! LOL! E-mail me!!!!!!!

Jessica McDonald said...

Joe, yeah. little sisters are so good at making me laugh. LOL.

Christa and Darby, y'all are right! :D It's SO jane austen!! :)

Sierra, lol. Oh great! :D Melinda's Mary Poppins and I'm a codfish...:D

Melinda said...

Hey Jessica,

I watched that 'Michael Landon Laughing' thing on YouTube! I starting crying beacuse I was laughing so hard! He has the wierdest laugh! It was real cute!

Joe McLean said...

Well, not only little sisters but little brothers too =P

Come check out my blog; I wrote an entry on if you think regular Philadelphia cream cheese is sweet or sour. Reply and let me know what you think.

Jessica McDonald said...

Melinda, awesome!! :D lol. I was crying too, lol. And everyone was like "Jessica has the weirdest sense of humor!" lol.

Darby said...

Jessica, something funny happened with my little sis this morning. She took a bath yesterday and this morning when I went to take a shower I was surprised to find that my brand new bottle of conditioner was completely empty. I said, "Erin Claire, do you know what happened to my conditioner?" Erin Claire said, "Oh, is that conditioner? I thought it was bubble bath! It wasn't making very much bubbles so I dumped the whole bottle in!! LOL! (She is 6)

Anonymous said...

I like apples

darby said...

sorry guys i accidently made my self anonymous about liking apples darby

Darby said...

OK that was so not me that was my little brother trying to make me look like an idiot. He stole my identity, and because we were talking about posting random things on blogs and while I was doing the dishes he came here and posted "I like apples" because it is random. So no worrys I am not insane although I can not speak for my brother.

Jessica McDonald said...

Darby, lol. Little kids are so hysterical!! :D


Dar by said...

He is not little perse he is like 11! You wouldn't guess by the way he acts!