Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound!

What a lovely evening we had last night! Dad, Melissa, Caleb, Abby, Myself and a bunch of friends from church went to go see "Amazing Grace" last night. It was beautiful! Ioan Gruffud did an excellent job as William Wilberforce and Ciaran Hinds made an excellent bad guy (I've seen him in a lot of movies and he's always a better bad guy!) and I really liked William Pitt as well (played by Benedict Cumberbatch.). The story of his fight against slavery was portrayed powerfully and it was very, very moving.
My favorite scene was a part where he was lying in the grass one morning, looking at the flowers
and the spiderwebs. His butler finds him out there and starts to wonder if his master is crazy. I don't remember exactly what was said, but it went something like this:

"Oh, so you've found God, Sir?" Sayeth the Butler.
"No,"William Wilberforce says with a short pause. "I think he found me," and then jokingly adds, "and I must say I find it quite inconvenient!"

Let me tell you, it was a beautiful film. If you haven't seen it, you must. I cried at the end. Though, there were some humerous parts, and Sierra, Lenna and I had a good time laughing at several wigs and hair-dos. :D We walked away from the theatre very pleased indeed.



Darby said...

Oh my goodness I want to see it soooo bad!! But the only place it is playing is like really far away. Wow, I don't think I have ever had the first comment before! Rock on! Darby

Emil Bandy said...

It was a very good movie, My favorite part would have to be when Thomas Clarkson was sitting at the grave and drank to the victory. Or when Lord Fox held out the ticket to Lord Tarleton.

Emil Bandy

Talya said...

I haven't seen it yet,but I would like to. Hopefully I will see it soon.

The Pookie said...

OH!!! I've been trying FOREVER to see that movie.... Does anyone have any idea when it comes out on DVD? I shall have to investigate...

brooke anna

Sierra Candler said...

Jessica, It was so good to see you the other night! I think ONE of my favorite parts was when Lord Fox held out the ticket to Lord Tarleton. And I agree that when the butler saw his master laying in the grass, was funny as well.:D

Have a great weekend, Love ya!

Delaney Sproul said...

Hi, I think it sounds really good and I really want to see it. But the nearest theater is like and hour away but I did see the preveiw and I think I would like it if I could see it. G2G, Delaney

Kayla said...

Its Kayla...how are you? Add me to your page, I have a blog now lol. I do not know how to do that though.
Love ya,

Kayla Gesinski said...

add the "Shalom :)" blog ...please lol

Joe McLean said...

I just moved my blog to my own site. You can check it out here.

I seen you added some picas photo albums. Pretty cool.

Joe McLean said...

You've been so graciously tagged by me. Go to my blog and get the questions so you can answer them on your own blog.


Anonymous said...

I really am dying (SP?) to see the movie. It looks really really good Jess, post! , anonymuos

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at all the great movies that you love. Have you ever seen the BBC's North & South?
I think you and your sister's would love that one almost as much has Pride and Prejudice (but not quite! :)
Have you ever seen Wives and Daughters? I haven't and am curious about that one as well.
Mrs. Dumais

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to my blog. I put up a few movie clips that I found on Maidens and Gentlemen from the great films we both so enjoy.


Mrs. Dumais
oh, and give me a review of "Wives and Daughters" if you have seen it!

Elissa said...

Mrs. Dumais, Wives and Daughters is... I can't decide if it's my fav or second fav, but it is EXCELLENT!!!! You really should watch it!!!

Jessica McDonald said...

Mrs. Dumais, yes, Wives and Daughters is a good movie. Perfectly clean, if I remember right (I haven't seen it for a while.). The costumes weren't my favorite but the story was good. :D
A lot of people have reccomended "Northa and South" to me. I'm determined to see it! :D I'll have to check and see if my library has it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jess and Elissa. Jessica, have fun in my state of Virginia in a few weeks! It will be VERY busy around Jamestown!
Mrs. Dumais

Jessica McDonald said...

Mrs. Dumais, will you be in Jamestown??