Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Grrr. I'm so frustrated. Blogger just deleted my whole entire post (it was nice, long and poetic too...okay, so maybe not, but it was long!). I don't really feel like typing all that up again, so this will be short...sorry. :)

well, tommorow is william's birthday, but I've already posted on that.
And the 16th was my blog's 2nd birthday!!!
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to
Happy Birthday to
All sung to the tune of the "Happy Birthday" song, of course.

Hmm...what's been happening? William and I danced around the kitchen to crazy music today. I think he'll be any excellent dancer when he gets...taller. :) it's so good to have him back home! :D
AND, Father and Mother went out today and bought a JOHN DEERE! We're all really excited and have decided that we're now officially "Countrifyed". :D

well, I said this wouldn't be long, so I'll go ahead and close now. :)



Elizabeth McLean said...

Happy birthdays to your blog and your brother!

Elizabeth McLean

Delaney Sproul said...

Happy b-day to your blog and your brother and happy b-day to my cousin who is turning ten so I will sing happy birthday to you " Happy birhtday to you! happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Audra happy birthday to you!" sorry this is so late but happy birthday! Delaney

Joe McLean said...

Haha! That sounds funny. Try singing it out loud and you'd have to say your blog address really fast in order to make it in time.

I write up my blog posts in Gmail since it has an auto save. I've lost many blog posts before I started using Gmail.

Wow.. that sounds like an advertisement. =P

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to sweet little William. I am sure that he has claimed the John Deere as his very own personal birthday gift! ALL little boys really like John Deere.

The Pookie said...

My little bro Daniel had his whole room done up in John Deere when he was about 6. He's moved on to swords, bows, and bears, but every boy hits it!

YES! Blogger does have its moments....

Jessica McDonald said...

Elizabeth and Delaney, Thank you! :) I'll be sure to pass it on to him! :D

Joe, yeah.:D I did just that and it was hysterical. oh well. :D okay, lol, so we like john deere!! :D

Laura, thank you! yes, he loves the new John Deere. Dad has already given him a much longed for ride on it! :)

Brooke, yeah, I think your Mom mentioned something about that too. we LOVE john deere! :D


Joe McLean said...

You should introduce William to CAT. They have some nice heavy machines I've got to use.

Delaney said...

I bet your brother is really happy about the John deer. Joe LOL! well gotta go. Delaney