Sunday, April 08, 2007


O, love, how deep, how broad, how high,
How passing thought and fantasy,
That God, the Son of God, should take
Our mortal form for mortals' sake!

For us baptized, for us he bore
His holy fast, and hungered sore,
For us temptations sharp he knew,
For us the tempter overthrew.

For us to wicked men betrayed,
Scourged, mocked, in crown of thorns arrayed;
For us he bore the cross's death,
For us at length gave up his breath.

For us he rose from death again,
For us he went on high to reign,
For us he sent his Spirit here
To guide, to strengthen and to cheer.

All honor, laud, and glory be,
O Jesus, virgin-born, to thee;
Whom with the Father we adore,
And Holy Ghost, for evermore.


I know, I know, I've been dreadful about posting lately. I most apologize, but I haven't really had anything interesting enough to post about for some time. Of course, I could have posted anyway, and bored you all to death with reports of the weather and everybody's health, but I didn't wish to make y'all suffer. :)
Anyway, I finally have something to post about now! :) One, is Easter! The time to remember Christ's Resurrection...a time of love, hope and joy. I must admit, Easter and Christmas are my two favorite times of the year! :D
Secondly, there are two very important birthdays this month! :) William Alexander McDonald, my darling baby brother is turning 2 years old on the 19th. We're so sad that he's growing up so quickly, and we miss when he was small enough for us to hold in our arms, but, now he's a little boy, running around, making gun noises, blowing up the girls doll houses and blowing kisses (lol. I know, shocking. He blew a kiss to a girl at church today...of course we all thought he was the cutest thing ever! :D). He is certainly a joy to be around and we love our "little man" more and more every day!
The other birthday is that of my dear friend, Abigail Allison, who turned 14 years old yesterday! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends...I've known Abigail for 2 years now, and she has proved to be loyal, sweet and encouraging. You're so special to me, Abigail!
Happy Birthday William and Abigail!!!

Now shall I bore you with weather reports? :D Well, I can explain the weather in one simple word....FREEZING!!! Gracious me, it's Easter! It's not supposed to be cold on Easter! lol. Oh well. It was a lovely day anyway. :) We got our Easter dresses done in time (for once! :D)...we all came in white. It was a lot of fun! And David Price was getting family photos so we got ours done. I'll try to see if I can post it sometime.

Well, I'm kind of in a "Pride and Prejudice" mood right now. Tiff, Melissa, James and I were watching it the other night, and let me repeat...I love that movie! If you haven't seen it, you must! It's excellent. If you've seen it, who's your favorite character?? Sorry, but I love knowing who people like best in that movie, because, unlike most movies (where everyone likes the main character and that's about it.) people have a variety of favorite characters. :) I think I like Fritzwilliam, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley, Lizzie, Mrs. Bennet and *drumroll* (y'all are going to kill me) Mary! :D I know, she's such a bore, but she's so hilarious. :)

Well, we're watching "The Winslow Boy" tonight as a family, and I'm being summoned (it's starting). So TTFN (Ta Ta For Now). :)

Happy Easter,

jessica nicole mcdonald


Elissa said...

It's freezing here too! It SNOWED last night can you believe it? Of course it was only for about fifteen minutes, but hey, it was snow. :D Happy easter to you too! Well it depends on which P&P version if it's the A&E version then Lizzie, Charlotte, and Mr. Darcy are my favs, but if it's the new one , then I don't like any of the charachters, because I HATED the new one! :P

Joe McLean said...

By George it's about time you posted!

Yes, indeed, Easter is quite important. If it weren't for Jesus, life would be pointless.

David Price is pretty nice. I've never met him in real life but I'm apart of his photography forum,

I always was wondering what TTFN meant. I was thinking it was Talk To you For Now but that didn't really work out.

Anonymous said...

Thought you were looking forward to the cold weather...


Raquel said...

I've always had a secret fear that I am Mary Bennet, so I'm glad someone likes her. :-) (Actually, I think I'm Elinor Dashwood--that's what one of the personality tests said.)
Besides Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, I like Jane and Georgina Darcy quite well. And Lady De Burgh, though not actually likable, is very funny.

Darby said...

I know how you feel I am in such a Sense and Sensibility mood because I watched it the other day. Your dresses sound really pretty ours were matching too they were all purple. We had a big Ressurection Day feast it was a ton of fun! I like Mr. Darcy and Jane and Lizzie and Mr. Bennet! Btw, thank you for finally posting! E-mail me soon! Luv, Darby

Jessica McDonald said...

Y'all, I'm so sorry for not posting! No, lol, I didn't die...but I'v been busy. ;)

Elissa, Whichever version you want. I personally, like them both. :D Though I HATE the new Lizze...Keira Knightly gives me the creeps. no offense to her. :D

Joe, yeah, I actually got TTFN from Winnie the Pooh... :D

Daniel, I WAS looking forward to the weather. *smile* but in moderation. too much cold is dreadful and too much heat is worse. :)

Raquel, lol. I don't think I could see you as that's any comfort. ooo! I like Georgiana too. She and her brother are so sweet to each other!!

Darby, I lvoe Sense and Sensibility too! :D I guess I just love anything and everything Jane Austen! :D lol.


Elissa said...

I agree, She doesn't quit give me the creeps, but I don't like her very much. Oooo, I LOVE georgiana too! I don't know how I forgot her!

Anonymous said...

Jessica, Thanks for finally posting, as you already know I like Lizzie, Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingly, Mrs. Bennett, and Jane. Love you, ~Sierra

Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...

Thanks for the new post! I love that picture of William!

Abigail said" thank you"!, And she is 14 not 15(Found that out on Sunday!)

Loooove and miss you sooo much, Sis!

Anonymous said...


Megan Rose said...

Hey Jessica! I have not been on your blog in a LONG time:(...I just saw that you tagged me a while ago...sorry I did not do that:( I will have to check in more if you tag me again I will be able to do it:)))
My favorite characters from "Pride and Prejudice" are... Mr. Darcy,
Lizzie, Goergiana,(sp?) I can't think of his name ...but it is Mr.. Darcy's cousin...and I know this is crazy....but ....MR. COLINS...I mean what would the movie be like without HIM...he is just SO funny:) ha ha ha!
Glad to hear that everyone is doing well:)

Delaney said...

I love that movie!

Delaney said...

I still love that movie it is awsome! I took the test and I was elinor G2G, delaney