Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So I was looking through some old blog posts and came across my "7x7" post and thought it might be fun to re-post it. :-D This is just kind of a place holder for the post that will be coming after Liberty Day, which is this weekend.

Oh, and some of my answers are new...seeing as views change, I suppose. :-) Enjoy!!

7 Things I’d like to do before I die:

Get married!
Have lots of beautiful children! :-)
Go to an Opera...any will do...just an opera!!! :)
Travel to Europe somewhere!!
Play violin like a professional. :-)
Get my courage up and learn how to drive...

7 things that I cannot do well:

Play Volleyball
Keep a straight face all day long.
Make Carrot Souffle without it falling.
Enjoy playing ping pong (Well, I used to like the game, but there are reasons that I don't anymore. *smile*)
Get up early in the morning.
Read a book slowly.
Read the bass clef.

7 Favorite Movies

Pride and Prejudice
Bringing Up Baby
The Village
Master And Commander
Twelfth Night

7 Things that I say often

"Very funny!"
"I have no idea!"
"This could be a problem..."
"I love you like the day is long! Like the sun and the moon together!!" (inside joke...quote from the movie The Village.)
"Pardon me?"

7 Things that I’d like in a Husband

Loves the Lord more than he loves me.
Has a good sense of humor (and can take a joke)
Loves to dance!!!!
Enjoys conversation and being around people. (as we say, "a people-person" *grin*)
Is hospitable and loves to have people over!
Enjoys traveling...especially to places with history and culture!! (Paris, London, Scotland, Italy...ect...)
Enjoys Opera, Jane Austen and History. :-)

7 Favorite Books and Authors

The Holy, Inspired and Inherent Word of God
William Shakespeare
Jane Austen
Dragons in Our Midst Series by Bryan Davis
Alexandre Dumas
Baroness Emmuska Orczy
R.C. Sproul Sr.

7 People I tag are:

Tiffany McDonald
Nathan Davis
Megan Carlson
Ashton Bandy
Jesi Ryken
Elissa Pickle
Jessica Erber


Emil Bandy said...

LOL... Isn't that the quote you taught your brother William to say with you?

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Yes! :-D *big cheesy grin*

See you Saturday!!!!!!

Megan Rose said...

:) Ah, I see I was tagged:)
I will have to post mine soon...
I never did this before! :) ha ha ha

See ya soon:)

Ashly said...

What happens when you can't think of 7 people to tag?


P.S. I'm just wondering that if I get tagged.

Lizzie said...

Hey Jessica, I posted mine. Oh, and I finally watched the 'embrace yablo' video, very funny!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Megan, Can't wait to see it!! :-D And I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!

Ashly, you don't have to. :-) Just put "any 7 people who want to" *GRIN*

Elissa, thanks, deary!!! :-) Yeah, his videos are ROFLOL funny! :-D Miss you!

Love, Jessica

Darby said...

Just senior? Pout pout. :)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

lol. Well I only had 7 spaces! :-D But if it makes you feel better, I'm reading "Bound For Glory" right now...your Dad (and Grandfather) are some incredible writers!! :-)

Love you! Jessica