Sunday, March 30, 2008

Events in the month of March...

Whew! What a week this has been! A busy, but absoultely wonderful week all the same! On Thursday through Friday the Serven family were at our house, and we enjoyed sweet, edifying fellowship with them! Much laughing, feasting, chatting, singing and walking ensued. What a blessing it was to have them over! Come again, Servens! :-)

Then on Saturday, the much anticipated Liberty Day conference/celebration took place!! We counted and 69 people from our community/Church came (Jared rode with us), which was pretty exciting!! Costumes were finished in time and everyone looked amazing! The speaker for this year, Mr. Marshall Foster, was an incredible historian/speaker! How fascinating it was to hear and be reminded of God's amazing sovereignty throughout history! There was also dancing, poetry, a skit, cookies (got to have those!), singing, and much, much more!

All in all, pictures seem to speak louder than words at times, so here you entirely too long post of photos...but oh well. :-) Enjoy! Oh, and BE SURE TO ATTEND NEXT YEAR!

P.S. More photos of Liberty Day can be seen HERE and HERE.

Chatting in the living room!

Tiff and Elizabeth Serven!

The parents!!

Tiff and Rebecca engaged in sewing projects!

Nathan Serven, Dad and William chatting...well, William's sleeping, Nathan and Dad are chatting. :-D

We pause for a group picture on our walk!

Caleb and Nathan Serven engaged in a boffer battle!!

Rebecca Sanford looking absolutely adorable (as usual! *smile*)!!

Derek, William and Peter Sanford in their costumes!!

Elita Candler and Grace Evans at lunch in their adorable costumes! I love the mob caps! Too cute, girls! :-)

The Fiddler's Three (and their Dad) in full World War II uniform! I love it! That's my favorite military era in costume! :-) I really like the pilot's hat at the end with the goggles! Gottta get one of those for Caleb!

Mrs. Bandy and Ashton...and is that Grace's shirt? :-)

I love this picture! Tiff and Jared are like "why in the world do you keep getting our picture?" LOL!

Here's a good shot of the 1776 Marine Uniform that Tiff made for Garrison!

This is Joel Serven! :-) Too cute!

Jacob in his costume!!

Mom and a very sleepy Emma.

Dad and I.

Photo courtesy of Jared. I'm not sure what's up with David in this picture. LOL!

The Fiddler's Three were INCREDIBLE musicians! We had a ton of fun clapping to the beat of the jigs! What larks! :-)

In between talks we...talked. :-)

They look so...interested!! :-D lol.

Well, Jared does anyway. :-D
(Okay, so he kept trying to convince me to try this barbecue Tabasco sauce. So I finally did. It was good, but nothing I'd recommend. LOL!)

My date for Chipotle! :-)

Mr. and Mrs. Candler and Tiffany! (Isn't his uniform stunning?)

Mr. Marshall Foster lecturing!

Josiah E. and Caleb perform their poem. Y'all did an amazing job, guys!! :-)

If you look closely at this picture you can see that Grace and I both have some ridiculous shoes on! ;-D

Don't they look so out of place amongst those modern coats? I think they look smashing in their 1700's garb! :-)

Grace and I pose for a quick photo in our white dresses!

Father and Son. Don't they look amazing?

Mr. Candler wore his full Coast Guard uniform...sword and all! We all agreed that he looked positively dashing!! Go deacon Candler! :-D

Photo Courtesy of Ashton Bandy! (thanks, Ashton!)
Myself, Lily and Grace in full costume! :-)

The soldiers are marching..."Hurrah! Hurrah! For Southern rights, hurrah! Hurrah for the bonny blue flag that bears the single star!" ":-D

So a bunch of the young people at Church today decided to try on these...interesting sunglasses! :-D Here's a few of the models...






Elana (the birthday girl, by the way! 11 yrs!)


Garret decided they looked better on his head...? :-)

William tried on Tiff's reading glasses and doesn't he look adorable? :) I'm not sure what Mr. Keisner's thinking of them though...he looks a bit skeptical.

Nevermind. lol.

Caleb and Josiah enjoying their ice cream. :-)

William tries on his Colonial hat...he kinda likes it! :-)

Sierra, Lenna and I at McDonald's enjoying some ice cream after our monthly Pekin Manor hymn sing!


Lizzie said...

Looks like tons of fun!!!!

I SOOO cannot wait to come for the presbetery!! Oh, and I want your advice, what color sash should I wear to the ball/dance with my white regency dress?

Lizzie said...

Grrr! WHY do I always mis-spell the word presbytery??????????

Lizzie said...

One more question. I've never been dancing, so I have no idea what sort of shoes to wear, I'm thinking my moss green flats, or do I need more ballet type shoes?

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Elissa, I can't wait either! Wahoo!!! :-D Hmm...I'm thinking that a bright yellow would be lovely...or a lavender perhaps? Whatever you prefer though, really! We all have different colored sashes and it's so much fun to be matching but not at the same time! :-D

About the shoes, flats will be fine...that's what I wear. :-)

love you! Jessica

Anonymous said...

I love your white dress, it's soooo pretty!
Did you sew it? If you did, what pattern did you use, if you didn't where did you get it?


Sierra said...

*gasp* Only ONE picture of your awesome friend?!! ;)(jk) I love the one of you and your dad!! Its sooo cute! Hope you have a good week! Love ya, and see you Sunday...We need to get together sometime....:)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Sarah, thank you! My sister sewed it for me and she made up the pattern herself. :)

Sierra, it's so strange that more photos weren't taken of the girls, isn't it? oh well. We'll get a photo of all of us in costume at Presbytery! :)


Erin said...

Hi, Jessica!

I am a frequent visitor of your mother's blog, and I was so happy to find yours and Tiffany's as well. I first heard of your family through Vision Forum, and by reading Raising Maidens of Virtue. That book was such a blessing, and I was so excited to find that there really were young ladies like you and your sisters trying to live a lifestyle of purity! What an encouragement to a struggling 16-year-old like me. :) Sadly, you don't find many people like you in Southern California.

It often brings tears to my eyes to see how bright and happy your family is, and how much you all love each other. I have three brothers, but they are in their late 20s, and they do not have the same views as I do. I just can't tell you how wonderful it is to see and read about your family!

Thank you for being an inspiration and a blessing to me!

Blessings to you and your family,


P.S. Your white dress is absolutely lovely! :)

Megan Rose said...


hubers said...

Hey Jessica,

Thanks for posting! It looks like everyone had a great time. Wished we could have made it up there too. I guess next best thing is looking at pictures from the event. :)

Thanks again,

BTW, I also loved your dress! Hope your sister made a pattern for it... because I want one. :)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Erin, It's quite nice to meet you! I'm so glad and humbled to hear that we have been a blessing to you. I pray that we will keep on doing so! God bless you!

Megan, It was wonderful to see you! And we actually got a moment to talk a bit this time!lol. :-D We can't wait till next year! :-D Hopefully we'll see y'all again soon!!

Katherine, we were hoping that y'all might make it up for Liberty Day as well!! :( Ah well...maybe next year? Actually, we're hoping to maybe make it to the film festival in January (it's still up in the air!), so maybe we'd see y'all then!!
And thank you! it's my favorite dress that she's made me so far! I don't know what I'll do when she leaves! J/K! :-D I'll have to ask her about a pattern... :-)
We miss y'all a bunch and hope to see you soon!!!!

God bless! Love, Jessica

Achaia said...


What fun pictures!! I wasn't bored at all. ::smile:: I loved the WW2 era costumes too... two of my brothers (17 & 4) love all things dealing with that war, so I get to know plenty about it. ::smile:: I love reading your blog.



PS I LOVED your dress!

Jesi said...

It looks like y'all *grin* had a blast attending Liberty Day! Hopefully next year we can come.

Oh, did Tiffany use a store bought pattern, or did she create the dress you wore herself? I loved your dress!

Love ya, see ya Sunday!