Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grace!

Guess who's seven years old today? :-) That's right, my sweet little sister Virginia Grace.

One thing Grace has always contributed to the household is immense energy! :-D She's usually on the go, loves to talk, laugh and play with her sisters (and brothers). What a joy she is!

I remember the day she was born. The doctors decided that she had breathing problems so they kept her in the hospital for an entire week. We were crushed. The only time I saw her during that week was behind glass. I remember crying...I wanted to see my new little sister.

And then the day came and Dad and Mom were finally allowed to bring her home. Ever since she has lit up the McDonald home with joy, love and energy, among so many other things!
I've also been impressed with her love for Jesus. There have been times when I've found her reading her Bible, telling William and Emma about Jesus, and praying for her family and friends, all on her own.

And did I mention that she loves children? I'm reminded of what an amazing mother she'll make someday as I observe her playing with the babies at church and watching out for them.
Grace is such a blessing, and we are all so thankful to the Lord for her.

Happy Birthday, Virginia Grace! I love you.


Lenna said...

Happy Birthday Grace! I hope you had a great day! :)

Ashton said...

Well're becoming quite the young lady there, Virginia Grace! Happy Birthday!! :D

Jesi said...

Happy birthday Grace!!! Hope you have many more to come.

The Rykens said...

Happy birthday Grace! I am so happy you are my friend!

Love, Cara

Achaia said...

Happy 7th birthday, Grace! You're getting quite old! I hope this is your best birthday ever.

Megan Rose said...


Nathan said...

Happy B-Day Virginia

Abigail said...

Happy seventh birthday Grace!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!