Friday, September 12, 2008


So we had a marvelous visit with the Riggenbachs from Thursday till Monday evening and then with Lily and Melinda from Monday evening to Tuesday evening. We were quite pleased with the amount of work we got done on the bridesmaid dresses (after going through...three fittings, was it?)! It seems this new pattern works and we're all very excited!

After sewing was done and children were put to bed we treated ourselves to Whoppers, Milk Duds and "The Importance of Being Earnest" followed by "High Society" (a musical version of "The Philadelphia Story".) We laughed and talked and enjoyed ourselves immensely. :-)
Oh, and Melinda and I had the joy of learning the "Cha Cha". 'Twas quite an...experience. :-D We got these ballroom dance instruction videos (from the 80's) from the library and they had instructions for the "Cha-Cha" and the "Foxtrot". So we learned the steps to both. What fun!!! :-D Showcase Tap dancing is next on my list! :-)

So we were quite loathe to take Melinda and Lily to the Ladies Meeting on Tuesday evening where their mothers were picking them up to take them home. :-) Thanks Riggenbachs and Melinda for staying with us, we had a superb time!! :-)

So here's the album with some photos from their visit:

And here is a short video clip of my current favorite's from the British comedy series "Jeeves and Wooster" (recommended by my dear friend, Elissa. Thanks, Lis!! I LOVE it!!) :-)

And most important of all DAD AND MOM ARE FINALLY HOME! I don't think I've ever felt so happy to see two such wonderful people!!!! :-) The loneliness of being home without my parents was beginning to wear, and I missed them more than words could ever say. I thank the Lord for bringing them home safely to us!! Last night we had a scrumptious birthday dinner for Mom and afterward proceeded to savor Creme Brulee while Mom opened her gift from us children (she opened her gift from Dad before they left.). :-) I am *so* happy to have them home!!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog! :-) God bless your week exceedingly!

In Christ Alone,



Ella said...

Which do you like better: "High Society" or "The Philadelphia Story?" I have things I like with both. Wish I could take some of the cast from one and put them with the cast from the other.

Oh, I picked up "Call Me Madam" yesterday at the library. Wonder what I shall think of it.

You are so blessed to have such a large family and many sisters!


Melinda said...

Thanks Jess! I had a WONDERFUL time! I didn't want to leave! I think I am still feeling sick from all that candy though... j/k :D
Love ya!

Sierra Elizabeth said...

Jess, It looks like y'all had a blast!! I still cannot believe how much candy y'all ate! :) I'll see ya Sunday! Love ya!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Ella, I couldn't quite decide. But I think I liked Cary Grant as the lead guy role better. :-) But I really liked Frank Sinatra as the So honestly, I can't decide which I like better. :-D
And I hope you enjoy "Call Me Madam"! 'Tis quite delightful! :-)

Melinda, I'm SOO glad that you had a good did I! Though I must agree about the haven't been able to eat anything sweet since you've been gone. :-D Seriously! :-D And I didn't want you to leave either! Come again soon? :-) Love you too!

Sierra, we did! :-D And honestly, I can't either. I had no idea we'd finish all those boxes! :-D LOL! See you Sunday! Love you too!

In Christ Alone,


Elissa said...

Oh, it sounds like a delightfully wonderful time! (aside from the fact that your parents were gone which would be terrible) I know I've told you a hundred times, but I SOOO wish I was there!! :D :D Ooh, the foxtrot!! I can't say that I have a desire to learn the cha cha, but the foxtrot sounds fun!!! :) I LOVED the pictures, looks like y'all had a blast being goofy! I'm so glad you like Jeeves and Wooster, it's SOO funny! I love that song too, it's so funny to see Spode singing a silly song like that ;)

Love you and miss you more than ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

your pics ROCK Jess

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Elissa, that's perfectly alright! Because I wish you were here as well...I kept thinking "Elissa would have loved to do _____ with us. I wish she was here." And I am dead serious about that.
The Cha Cha was very interesting! LOL! But they're both tons of fun. Especially if you're hyper. :-D
Yes! Yes! I love that movie...*happy sigh* :-D
Miss and love you tons of bunches of oodles!!!

Anonymous, *smile* Thank you!!!!! :-)

In Christ Alone,


Joy said...

Hi Jessica!
It looks like so much fun! I really miss you and the Riggenbachs!
I would really like to mail Mrs. Evan's book back to her, can you e-mail me their address? My e-mail address is
Thanks very much!
Also, do you have Lily Riggenbach's e-mail address?
Well, have a great day!

Mia said...

Great post!
I really liked the video, Jessica! I found your blog today, and enjoyed it!~


Anonymous said...


I thought I'd comment for ya, Jess, since you said no one ever comments.

Cool pictures BTW!!

Brooke W.

~Bryant said...

Sound like you had a good time with your friends! Good friends are so precious!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Joy, I'm SO sorry about the address! I'll try to email it to you sometime today! And at the same time I'll email you Lily's email address. :-) God bless!

Mia, I'm so pleased that you like my blog! Nice to meet you!

Brooke, thank you. :-D

Bryant, indeed they are!!!

In Christ Alone, Jessica

Sara said...

Hi Jessica! Just found your blog and wanted to say hi. I love High Society! I actually like it more than The Philadelphia Story because it's a musical. =) It looks like we have a lot in common as far as movies go. I'm glad I came across you blog.
Take care,

Achaia said...

Hi Jessica,

Oh... all that sewing looks like so much fun... especially with sisters and dear friends! I can't wait to see the bridesmaid's dresses!
I've never seen High Society OR The Philadelphia Story-- what's wrong with me? ::smile:: Now you've got me extra curious to see them! By the way, did you like Grace Kelly (isn't she in High Society?) or Katharine Hepburn better?

Have a great day!

In Christ,

Talya said...

I love Jeeves and Wooster....
A month ago I borrowed the whole video series from a friend of mine.
Have you ever read the books?
P.G Wodehouse wrote them.

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Sara, nice to meet you! And I LOVE musicals!!! My absolute favorite genre...along with Historical Costume Dramas. :-D

Achaia, I can't quite decide. But I definitely prefer Katherine Hepburn in the main role. Grace Kelly seemed far too refined to be playing the part that she did. :-D But they both did an excellent job in their own way. :-)

Talya, right now I'm actually reading one of them! I found two at the library and figured, "why not?" :-D I love it so far!!

God bless!

In Christ Alone,


Ana Smith said...

Hey Jessica!
You might not remember me, but I go to the sister church in Chelsea, Alabama. Your family came down to baptize my brother Greg. I missed Tiff at church when she was with the Chancey's. :-(

Anyway, I know I enjoyed your conversation when you were in Dixie land the last two times...and I LOVE your blog!

Dancing...ahhh! Foxtrot is lovely, and cha cha's a blast. :-) Maybe we can conjure up some of that sort of fun the next time you make it down to sunny south!

I guess it's been nearly a year since you came down. :-( Well, maybe your blog will help to overcome that lonely spot.

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Hello Ana!

Of course I remember you! :-)
I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog! I've checked out yours and have liked it as well!
And you're right, it has been forever since we've visited!! I do so miss the South. *sniff* Hopefully we'll be visiting again in the near future!
And yes! Next time we visit we must dance!!
Thank you so much for commenting...I had no idea you had a blog!
God bless!!

In Christ Alone,