Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Today we celebrate the birthday of a very special member of the McDonald household. Caleb turns 12!

I can't believe how time flies. I know that I say that so often, lol, but really and truly I can't believe it.

I can still remember clearly the day that I first saw Caleb. He had big curious eyes and puffy round cheeks. He was my baby brother, I'd affirmed. And how proud I was.
Originally when Mom went in for the ultra sound and found out she was to have a boy, I cried. Yes, I'll admit it, little 5 (almost 6) year old me wanted a baby sister. But when Caleb was born and I saw him for the first time, I knew that he was precisely what I wanted. So a baby brother I had.

I wish I could get our silly copy machine to work, but it's still being stubborn as a mule, so I can't put up any "old" pictures. :-) So y'all will have to just bear with me through the more recent photos. :-)

Please join my in wishing my not-so-little-anymore brother a Happy Birthday! :-)

Happy Birthday Caleb, my precious brother. I love you!

In Christ Alone,


Caleb, preparing for paintball. I'm tying his teams scarf to his sleeve. :-)

Caleb, at the gun shoot!

Caleb, Josiah, Sierra and I being extremely goofy last year at the Candler's house. :-D

Caleb in Canada at the museum at Dundurn Castle!

Caleb and his friend Lewis, at the last Reformation party we had in Texas!

Caleb and our cousin, Kyle, being extremely silly at the zoo. :-)

Caleb, James and two old friends decided to don aprons one day and help with the dishes. :-D

Caleb's wonderful recitation of "On Flander's Field" at Liberty Day 2008, in his marvelous costume! :-)


Ella said...

I love my "little brother" very dearly. Only, Caleb will eventually pass you in hieght, as mine did!

Sierra Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! :)

Ella said...

Oh, Jessica, I was wondering if you would share with me your e-mail address. I am trying to change my template, and I am wondering how to get things right. And I have questions about how top make headers........if you wouldn't mind helping me, I would appreciate it! I can figure things out some.

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Ella, Sure thing! I can't share my email over the internet, but if you'll email me yours at (my junk email) then I can send you my "real" one from there. :-)


Elissa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALEB! Have a wonderful day!!

tulips96 said...

Happy birthday Caleb!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!


Achaia said...

Happy Birthday, Caleb!! May God bless your day!

(By the way, I have a brother named Caleb too... only he's 17!)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Caleb!