Saturday, September 27, 2008

"...something to dance about..."

Is there any felicity in the world superior to this?
I think not.

Whatever your opinion of the ultimate felicity, one most confer that dancing is very agreeable. Even if one does not like to do it oneself, watching others do it is nearly as refreshing.
Now that cannot be said of very many other agreeable things, now can it? :-)
The only other things I can think of that people find agreeable to do and to watch people do, are acting, sports, singing and...fighting, I daresay. And I think dancing should be under 'sports' as it is extremely invigorating.
Not to mention the most affable occupation since consuming pumpkin pie. :-)
Though Jane Austen said, "It may be possible to do without dancing entirely" I must politely disagree. I do not think one can go through life without dancing. For isn't it said that 'life is a dance'? I'm quite sorry, my dear Jane, but I think "It is impossible to do without dancing entirely." There. I did it. I disagreed with one of my favorite authors of all-time. *sigh*
What is the world coming to?
And now, as you're probably wondering where in the world THAT came from... I'll deliver you and I'll tell you the real reason behind this post.

*We danced last night!*

Yes, danced. You heard that right. That "faerie-like" occupation that I lectured y'all on. Now you know, don't you? ;-)
SO since you were brave and kind enough to plod through the simple verbiage above (You did, I hope. ;-)) I will now bestow upon you some photos of last night. Of the dance. Of that "faerie-like" occupation...*cough* they are. :-) Enjoy!
Melinda surveys the ballroom. "It looks positively medieval!"
Lily and I looking quite distressed. Damsels in distress? *cough* :-)
Shall we dance?
Sure! If we've got..."Something to dance about..."
"and someone to dance it with...."
"And something to dance it to..."
"To a jig, reel or a waltz!" :-)
The contest to see who could get there hand on the top. 'Twas very interesting. :-D
Feet! And what's more...*dancing feet* :-)

Melinda and Lily...two of my dear friends having a marvelous time! (or so I deduced. :-))

I loved this dance...I can't remember what it was called though. But it was *glorious* fun. :-)

Grace and Nathan doing a set together!

I'm trying to look very "into" the dance. Really I had too much Dr. Pepper and sugar so I was feeling really loopy. Ah well. :-D

Zach preparing to dance!

Ruth and Peter looking very enthused and amiable. Eh? :-)

Dancin' at the Ceili! :-)


(with a small payment of $99.99 :-))


I sure look short in this picture. Oh well. :-)

No idea why we're looking so serious in this picture. We were having a grand time. :-)

If the camera works...USE IT! :-)

All in all we had a fabulistic time! We're sooo glad that the dances have started up again! What joy! What bliss!

Y'all come again, ya hear? :-)

And there are a few more photos on my web album. If you'd care to look:

Hymn Sing and Dance

Have a wonderfully blessed week!

In Christ Alone,

Jessica Nicole


Elissa said...

*SOB* I can't do anything but sob.... rally, I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOO wish I could be there with y'alll *sobs some more* OKAY! I'm over it, really. It looks like y'all had a grand time!!!!! When we come for the wedding (Lord willin'!) maybe I can teach y'all "The Pineapple dance"!! It is TOO fun!
Love you tons and millions!!!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! It looks like y'all had alot of fun!!!


Ana Smith said...

Glorious fun! Pout, I haven't danced in about 6 weeks.

Ella said...

You know, I love dancing....but I haven't done it myself....unless you count imaginary partners in my bedroom. I would love to learn.

I can tell you just watched "Call Me Madam!"

Emil Bandy said...

LOL.... we did look quite serious in that pic.... :D

I think it was one of those times when we both were confused on what in the world we were supposed to do... lol

Don't feel too bad about being short ;-)

I still need to get that waltzing part down... Right Tiffany? :D

The Same Anonymous Dude said...

Amazing, I actually agree with Jane Austen!!! It's the first intelligent thing that I've ever seen her write, and it makes so much sense!!!

Dancing is SO not a sport. Real sports must involve a ball or a weapon, and there must be clear and present danger...

Wadu mean "invigorating"??? From what I saw, y'alls would argue bout what dance you were going to do, then dance for 20 minutes (the entire time telling me that the music was too fast) and then complain about the 80 degree heat (in the shade, and I thought you were from Texas?, get a drink, talk a while, then start the whole brutal cycle over again. On the other hand, tackle football at the Evan's yesterday was truly invigorating.

I hate to disagree with Emil, but you should really feel bad about being short...

Do you really think I am looking for a "faerie-like occupation"???

I'll be back...

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Elissa dear, I wish you could be here with us too!!!!!! *SOB* I would LOVE to learn the Pineapple dance!! Sounds like FUN! LOVE YOU OODLES (I'm so loving that word now! *grin*) and OODLES and OODLES!!!!! And I miss you SOOOOO much!! <3

Brooke, we did!! Y'all should come join us sometime!!

Ana, *agreed* Fun! Fun! Fun! :-)

Ella, you should definitely try it sometime!!! SUCH fun! :-D

Emil, you're probably right. There were several of those moments when we were like, "Um. I have no idea what he's talking about." LOL!
And thank you, Emil! I certainly don't FEEL that short. It's just when I look at photos and actually see myself compared to everyone else. :-D Lol. Oh well. :-)

Jeremy, I'm glad to see that you've finally found something that you and Jane Austen have in common! :-D
Who's to say there's no danger in dancing?? I know a certain person who poses great danger when he dances. Danger to his partner who he flings across the room whenever they reel the set (though I must say, that kind of danger is awfully fun!). :-D If that's not danger I don't know what is. :-D And some types of dancing even have weapons. Take the sword dance for instance. :-D
You can't really know how truly "invigorating" dancing is until you've tried it yourself. :-)
Well personally, I believe Emil over you. :-)
And of course you're looking for a faerie-like occupation. Your name is Jeremy isn't it? :-D

In Christ Alone,


Achaia said...

Oh... I LOVE to dance!! I can certainly agree with *everything* you said about it! What's not to like? Whenever you see a movie like "Singin' in the Rain" doesn't it make you want to dance around the room?

In Christ,

PS I like how you have the dancing clips on your sidebar... I'll have to check some of them out sometime!

Anonymous said...

I would have to disagree with both of y'all on the sports thing. But for time's sake I will let that one go.
And as for dancing, it is indeed on of the most fun hobbies that I take part in. And if you are looking for more fun dances to learn, may recommend the square dance and the Salty Dog Rags. The Salty Dog Rags is my favorite.
And as for that remark that the Anonymous Dude (later I.D. as Jeremy) made about Texas and the endurance of her people. I am sure that if you lived in Texas and had to move out of her 100 degree weather to an lesser state, the least that you would ask for in return would be for the temperatures to be a little cooler then 80, in the shade. But then what would a yankee (with a small "y") no about such things.


Tara Janelle said...

What fun, Jessica!!! I LOVE dancing!!! Our churches should have a get-together and do a dance sometime!

Have you ever tried the Landler (the dance that Captain Von Trapp and Maria do in the Sound of Music)? It is really fun!

Looking forward to see you towards the end of this month at the Reformation Faire!

Julia said...

Hi Jessica,

I LOVE your blog. Wow. I read every post on your page...and I regret that I don't have time to look at the archives right now... :) perhaps later! :) The dancing looks like SO much fun. I love to dance and have never been able to do it with a partner before...only ballet...sigh. :)

I love your background! The Cutest Blog On The Block backgrounds are the BEST! (IMHO).

Oh yes, I found you through Ella's blog from a link on her sidebar. And I'm so glad I did! I'll be back. :)

Love and Blessings,

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Achaia, my thoughts exactly! :-) What's not to like? :-D And I must say watching movies with people dancing DOES get me in the mood to dance myself! :-) From Irish Step to the Tango. LOL! :-D

BGO, Thank you very much for your comment!
I'll have to look up the Salty Dog Rags. Sounds fun!!
And I agree with what you said about Texas (and the weather). What do yankees know about it anyway?
Oh, and I would love to know who you are. :-) I've been racking my brain trying to figure out your initials. :-D

Tara, that WOULD be fun!!
And I do love that dance (the Landler)! Not that I've ever done it, I just love watching it. *grin* You've got me motivated to learn it!
Can't wait to see you again!! Reformation is *just* around the corner! Should be oodles of fun!

Julia, It's very nice to meet you!! I love it when those who read my blog comment!!
Dancing is something everyone definitely should at least try!:-D I heartily reccomend it! :-)
And thank you! I love their backgrounds too! I was so pleased when a dear friend of mine sent me the link and I had SUCH a difficult time figuring out which one to do! :-D They were all sooo cute! :-D And thank you for your sweet comment!

Have a great week, y'all!

In Christ Alone,

Jessica Nicole

Jasmine said...

Great pictures, Jessica!

We have a family at our church (I think you know them, the Coles?), who love to do traditional dances; we sometimes practice when we visit them! :) It's always lots of fun!

I just tagged you on my blog, if you'd like to participate!


Ella said...

Oh FUN!!! I agree whole-heartedly with you. Dancing is definitely something one cannot do without. It is such a wonderful way to have fun together and improve friendships in the most delightful way. Have I not already mentioned that I love dancing? I will dance and dance and dance no matter how much my feet her or my head aches. There is simply nothing more thrilling!

Our next dance will be on Valentines Day and I am looking forward to it with much anticipation!

Thanks for sharing. =) Blessings,


Robert L. said...

Sorry but at the time it seemed like a good idea not to say who I was. Well not so much that, but if I had posted other then anonymous then it would have left a link to my page. And with you being up in Cubs land and most likely with a few fans of there's following your blog, I did not want any Cubs fans getting on to my blog at that time. I have some post up right now lamenting the end of the Astros season. And right now a taunting post from a Cubs fan is not what I wanted. Not because the Cubs won the division I can handle that, it is a game and sometime you win, and sometimes you do not. However I am still sore about what the Cubs' fans did i Milwaukee. They may have thought it was funny holding up signs saying "I like Ike." But ask the 38 eight bodies that washed up on to the beaches of our Texas coast, and see what they think about Ike. But then I bet not very many Cubs fans have known anyone that has been killed by a hurricane. So that is why I did not what to post under my name before. I really did not want to have to get mad at a Cubs fan that would only be trying to have some good old rivalry fun.
Oh, and BGO is not my initials. No, for some reason (cannot remember why now) I use my favorite chant. BGO! BGO! BGO! As in the second basemen for the Astros for the past twenty years.
My real name is Robert Lewis Dabney Martinez. You found me on "Good Reads" through the Candlers. And I did the same here. Josiah Candler has you on his followers list. I recolonized your name and knew you were an Astro's fan. And then saw the post on dancing. Then saw that yankee take a shot at Texas.

Robert L.

P.S. I am not worried about the Cubs fans now...What with another three game sweep pending. Go L.A.!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Jasmine, How funny...what a small world!! Yes, we know the Cole's. :-D It's been a while though! :-D
Thank you for the tag!!!!! I'll be sure to do it as soon as I can!

Johanna, dancing is definitely one of the most exciting occupations!! *happy sigh* Also, I love to read your blog. :-D (I found you on Mrs. Chancey's site. *grin*)

Robert, OH! I remember you now! :-D A fellow Texas Astros fan!!!!! :-D I totally understand about the blog thing. :-) Yeah, we have a bunch of Cubs fans up here...*sigh* :-) Oh well. Say hello to my beloved home state for me! :-) Great to hear from you!

God bless y'all and thank you for your comments!

In Christ Alone,

Jessica Nicole

Robert L. said...

Well I am glad that I did post my name up there now. A Cubs fan saw the post and went to his taunting right away. He left a post with all sorts of smack about our Stros. Bad move as I am a good smack talker myself. (Not that it is anything to be proud of.) But it was even a worse move on his part as the Cubs just got them selves swept out of yet another playoffs. Not that I hold it against him. I understand his reasons for the friendly rivalry smack off. You should hear Mr.Candler and me when we pit the Astros and the Cards against each other.
By the way, have you ever read Armed and Dangerous? The book about the Astros' 2004-2005 seasons. I loved and I think you would to.
Robert L.

P.S. Texas sends her Holler Back to you. And her regrets that her loyal daughter is so far from home.