Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Guessing Post...

I thought I'd do a "Just 4 Fun" post. :-)
Here's what you do:


2. Guess what movie each picture is from.

3. Leave your guesses in the comment section.

'Tis as easy as that. :-)

Following soon will be a post with all the answers. :-) Enjoy!










In Christ Alone,



Ella said...

I can only tell you what 1, 4, and 8 are.

1--Enchanted (tis a sweet movie)

4--Secondhand Lions

8--The Villagew (I like that one)

But the others.....

Anonymous said...

1. Enchanted

2. ?

3. Indiana Jones

4. Secondhand Lions

5. Holiday Inn

6. Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley)

7. The Importance of Being Earnest

8. The Village

9. ?

10. ?

Hmmm... not too bad... if I got those right! :D


Jasmine said...

What fun!

This is a bit hard for me, though:

1. Enchanted (love it! :)

2. Flyboys (love it :)

4. Seconhand Lions (like that :)

5. Holiday Inn?

6. Pride and Prejudice?

8. The Village

10. I know I know it, but I can't think of it... The Patriot?

Now I can't wait to see everybody else's answers! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy lets see how many I know with out looking. :D

1. Enchanted.

2. Fly Boys.

3. Indiana Jones. I love those. :)

4. Second Hand lions.

6. Pride and Prejudice?

Wow...not very many. :)

Brooke W.

Jesi said...

1. Enchanted
2. Fly Boys
3. Indiana Jones???
6. Pride and Prejudice?

And that's it.... :D

Love ~Jesi

Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...

I thought I would give it a try!

1. Enchanted
2. Flyboys
3.Indiana Jones
4. Second Hand Lions
5. ?
6. Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly
7. The Importance of Being Ernest
8. The Village
9. ?
10. The Patriot

We love you!

Achaia said...

5 is Holiday Inn, of course! Love it!

Melinda said...

1) Enchanted
2) Fly Boys
3) Indiana Jones
4) Second hand Lions
5) Holiday Inn
6) P&P (the new one)
7) ?
8) The Village
9) ?
10) Patriot

That was really fun Jess! Great idea!

Ella said...

Yes, #5 is Holiday Inn. I knew it was something with Astaire.

And golly, seeing something from Enchanted made me want to see it (or get the soundtrack) again!

Grace said...

1 Enchanted
2 dunno
3 Indiana Jones
4 Secondhand Lions
5 Call Me Madame?
6 The new P&P
7 Ivanhoe?
8 no clue....
9 don't know
10 really don't know...

Anonymous said...

1. Enchanted
2. Flyboys
3. Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark
4. Second-hand Lions
5. Can't think of the name
6. Pride and Prejudice
7. Importance of Being Ernest
8. Not sure
9. The Three Musketeers
10. Amazing Grace?

Anonymous said...

Which 'The Village' is that?
Who acts in it?

thector87 said...

Ok, I’m going to take a shot at this…

1. Enchanted… it took me 5 minutes to remember the name of this one!

2. Flyboys… Nice leather!

3. Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark… The only way I figured this one out was by looking in the top right hand corner.

4. Secondhand Lions… I wanna be like that when I’m old.

5. I don’t know… but do I get points for knowing that’s Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby?

6. I am guessing Pride and Prejudice?... Those movies all look the same in the dancing scenes!!

7. The Importance of Being Earnest… Poor Cecily…

8. I don’t rightly know… I’ve never seen Sigourney Weaver in a dress (if indeed that is who it is).

9. Another I am not sure of… one looks distraught while the other looks delighted!

10. The Patriot… one of the greatest movies of all time.

Have fun over in Illinois!!


Elissa said...

Here are my guesses:
1. Enchanted
2. Flyboys (I've never seen this, but it's just my guess)
4. Second Hand Lions
6. Pride and Prejudice
7. The Importance of Being Ernest

Very fun Jess!