Friday, October 17, 2008


Catherine Holt: What day are you on?
Caleb Holt: 43.
Catherine Holt: But there are only 40 days...
Caleb Holt: That doesn't mean I have to stop.

Wow! I'm at a loss for words…no, really. *grin*

*dramatic deep breath*

I saw "Fireproof" last night and I was completely astonished by how powerful the message was!

I admit, I had a few qualms at first. I loved "Facing the Giants," but was not impressed with "Flywheel;" and I thought this film might be too similar for my taste. But, boy, was I (pleasantly) surprised! :-)

Now, I realize “Fireproof” is not as well made as some of the movies coming out these days, and I am fully aware that it didn't take millions of dollars, with Academy Award winning actors, to produce; but, the depth of emotion, the "realness" of the characters, and the beauty of "true love” in "Fireproof", tugged at my heart, and I found myself in tears on numerous occasions (just ask Melinda :-)).

It was beautiful. The story, the music, the message, the agonizingly poignant (and as equally wonderful) was all superb! I can't praise this film enough! (Can you tell?) All I can say is that "Fireproof" was the most phenomenal film that I have seen this year. Bar none.

Here is a review that Mrs. Chancey wrote for the film (HERE is the link):

"My husband and I were able to attend a special pre-screening of this film over the summer. The strong pro-marriage message was excellent, as was the clear presentation of the gospel. This film represents a huge step forward for Christian filmmakers. It was made by the same church that produced "Facing the Giants" and uses very little "professional" acting talent, yet the acting is well done, and there are many wonderful laughs.

Kirk Cameron is fantastic as the husband struggling to love his wife and avoid divorce, urged on by his parents, who also nearly lost their own marriage years before. Supporting actors pull their own weight, and superb editing keeps the film moving along and audiences glued to the screen. The message of this film is so important that we'd urge churches to book theaters and take hundreds of people to see it.

While this film wasn't created for children (it contains subject matter that is geared toward adults), it is appropriate for older children (I'd say 15 and up). There is no language and no inappropriate content to worry about. The laughs are clean (and really funny!). The producer who came to our local screening also revealed a neat inside story: when the husband and wife embrace and kiss near the end of the film, it is Kirk Cameron's real-life wife who stands in at that point. When this movie claims to promote and protect the marriage covenant, the producers really mean it, even for the actors involved! We're delighted to be able to promote a film that has worked so hard to declare the beauty and purity of marriage before a watching world."

Really and truly this was an amazing film and I not only encourage, but I insist that you go see "Fireproof"! :-)

Have a blessed week!

In Christ Alone,

Jessica Nicole

P.S. Note to parents: The topic of the husband’s problem with pornography is handled discreetly and sends a powerful message to those who may struggle with temptation in this area. Purity matters.


Julia said...

I am back! :)

Hi Jessica!

Ooooh, I REALLY want to see Fireproof...everyone I know is praising it to the skies...but my parents heard from some friends of ours from some friends of theirs that the movie "Showed how to get to pornography sites" and that the wife was wearing a backless dress in the end...sigh. So I don't know if I'll be able to watch it.

I agree with you... I really wasn't too impressed with Flywheel... I thought the guy was really rude to his wife! I like that they ended it well... anyway, Fireproof looks way better. Sigh.

:) I do sound gloomy, don't I? :)
Sorry about that! :) Anyway, glad I stopped by... your blog is such a great place to visit! :)

Brooke said...


I want to see this so bad!! Thanks for posting about it!!!


Darby said...

I REALLY want to see this movie!! I am hoping we can go see it the week after Reformation Day. Thanks for the post about it Jess!

Tara Janelle said...

We loved this movie! It was GREAT!!!! I can't wait for it to be out on DVD! Great post!

Anonymous said...

I saw it the day after it came out!!! I thought it was really good. I can't wait to see it again! :)
Beth Pittenger

Kristin alexander said...

I saw it the first day it came out! We (Me,Mom,Dad,Trey,Nathan) Were all talking about our favorite parts (I like the Ketcup and Tabasco sauce joke :) all the way home from the theater. Even though she is wearing a backless dress in the end :( It still has a great point to it!
Kristin Alexander

The Editrix said...

I can't wait to see this movie. . . but I'll probably have to wait ages for the dvd release before I can watch it. I don't know if it'll be shown in theatres here. :-( Still, our little cinema here in town showed Amazing Grace and One Night with the King last year, maybe they're going to start having a few more Christian films. I can hope, can't I!

Rebecca said...

Hi Jessica,
I am Robert's littlest sister.
I really loved the movie Fireproof. We saw it last Friday and it is just so good to be able to sit through a movie without the filling of being dirty after watching it because of what it might have had, this was just such a good clean movie.

Rebecca M.

Ella said...

I am wanting to see Fireproof. Waiting until it goes to our cheaper theatre....then I will have a father/ daughter date!

The Hector Family said...

It was such a great movie!!!! My family went and saw it while I was at work, so I tagged along with some friends. It was so great!

Was the acting perfect? No, but I think they are making progress. Hopefully, the fact that a movie with family quality did well sends a message to the broader industry.

I too spent much of my time in tears, the last 20 minutes of the movie were the worst! Every time I would start to recover, they would throw another heart wrenching moment, and the floodgates would re-open....


Achaia said...

Oh... that film looks (& sounds) sooo good!!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Julia, "Fireproof" was an excellent film!! I'm not sure why someone told you that it showed how to get to porn sites. That would be ridiculous for a film that was decidedly "pro-marriage" to show how to get to a bad site. :-) And the dress really wasn't awful, I would seriously go see it anyway.

Brooke and Darby, yup! yup! :-)

Tara, AGREED! I will definitely be getting it when it's out on dvd!! btw, it was GREAT to see you at Reformation day!!! I'm SO glad you could come! Hope to see you in Chicago soon as well! :-)

Beth, same here! I almost want to go to the theater again and see it! :-D

Kristin, It was wonderful!! *happy sigh* I just loved that movie! :-D

Editrix, I hope you can see it too! It's definitely a film to see!

Rebecca, I's so marvelous to be able to finally sit down and watch a movie without cringing! :-)

Ella, you should! It's a must-see!!!

Ben, I agree! The acting wasn't perfect (Kirk Cameron did the best job, I think) but the script was sooo emotional and made up for it all!!
ME TOO! I just wept my heart out at the end! It was just so beatiful...

Achaia, you should see it!!

God bless y'all!

In Christ Alone,