Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tagged again!!

Emil tagged me!!! (Thank you, Emil!) I'm supposed name six things that I've learned in the last month and then tag six people! *dances* Here goes:

1. How to dance Swedish-style! (Thank you, Anna!)

2. What RSS Feed is (thanks, Justin!).

3. That the Bannister at Church IS made for sliding down. :-D

4. How to sing the "What's that? A Hat" song...roflol...thanks to Lenna, Melinda and Sierra. Thanks, girls! :-D (I'm officially scarred for life! lol)

5. That apparently my Mother knows someone who got his head cut off in an elevator. *cough* :-D

6. That 4 girls walking down the road (to the library) with one guy in an Army uniform, is bound to draw SOME kind of attention. Well, nobody bothers you, anyway. :-D

I tag:

Jasmine B.
Laura B.
Ben H.
Thomas H.
Robert M.

May the Lord bless y'all, and have a wonderful week!

In Christ Alone,

Jessica Nicole

P.S. A post coming soon about the Elders/Deacons meeting at our Church! :-)


Ella said...

Another tag!!! =) Okay....I will have to get my brain thinging about it =)

Robert L. said...

Thanks Jessica, this is my first tag.

Robert L.D.

Jasmine said...

Oh, yay! I love tags :) I'll do this one soon!

Thanks, Jessica!

Brooke said...

Did you really slide down the bannister at church? LOL!! :D


Annalise said...

ha ha!! Sierra and Lenna taught me that hat song too!! :) lol. that was so funny.

thector87 said...

that means i actually have to write something?! lol! I am thinking ben and i will do a joint post with this one.

I am going to have to sit down with your mom next time i see her... this story sounds intriguing!!


Ana Smith said...

lol, you're tags always crack me up!

Here's another one, from your's truly: