Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Home Again

There is a saying that goes, "Home is where the heart is." and it is too true. We've been gone from home for so long, and met so many wonderful, godly encouraging families who have opened their homes and churches to us. I've had such an exciting time seeing lovely places in the world, such as Niagara Falls and Yellowstone Park (to name a few.). But nothing can replace the beauty of stepping into my own home, and having the blood rush through me as I tell myself that I am finally home. Home. It's such a wonderful word, isn't it? Ahh. Well, anyway, I suppose now is the time that I tell you about my freakiest experience on this trip (or any other, for that matter!). *deep breath*

Well, Mom, Tiffany and William ended up driving to the Arlington homeschool convention (since Mom is thankfully better!). So since they came up, we found ourselves with two vehicles in our hands. So, when it was time to depart, Mom, Tiffany, Melissa, William and Abigail took the car, and Dad, Christa, Caleb, Emma, Grace and Myself took the van and the trailer.
So anyway, here we are driving along at about 7:30 after a thoroughly exhausting day at the conference (and tear-down afterwards!). Dad and I are singing The Great Adventure at the top of our lungs (I'm trying to stay awake. That was my duty, since I was in the front seat with Dad.), Christa is crossstiching, and the kids are watching a movie. Suddenly, I hear Grace start to give this terrified cry. I switch off the music. Dad says, "What's wrong, Grace?" "It's a grasshopper, Dad!" Caleb announces as he flings off his headphones to look at this disgusting creature. I lost it. I started crying and begging Christa to kill it or catch it. It was the biggest grasshopper I've ever seen. And it hopped! Everyone's freaking out, Dad's telling us to calm down, and Christa is trying to catch it with a coffee cup that we had on hand.
Note: for those who don't already know, I hate bugs. I mean I hate bugs. I'm scared to death of them. Especially one's that hop, scurry, or are ugly. I think the only kind of bug I can handle is a snail (those are still gross, but I can run from them because they're slow.), and ant or a ladybug (as long as no one puts it one me!).
Anyway, so the bug gets lost. No one can find it in our messy van (remember, we've been traveling for 4 weeks!) and I really start to freak out. I looked around me frantically to make sure that it was no where near me. But the mere thought of something
hopping on me made me freak out again. Well, luckily we finally found it (no where near me, thankfully.) in the back of the van, Christa caught it in the coffee cup, twisted the lid on and put it in the back of the car (away from me!). Needless to say, I still couldn't sit with ease in that car, and I looked about me every few seconds.

So all in all, we had a very interesting trip and had many things happen to us (both good and bad.). I thank the Lord that we are safely home without any broken bones or damaged vehicles, and that home is still as welcoming as it has always been.
Sunday was a very happy day for all of us, since we finally got to see most of our church family again (some families were on trips.).
Oh, and we voted on our church name. It's new title is
Crown and Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church. I love it. I'm going to close now, since we still have much to get caught up with in our household.


Christa Marie said...

"I still couldn't sit with ease in that car, and I looked about me every few seconds."

You seemed to feel comfortable, for you went to sleep in the back of the van! :-)

For those who are enterested, the grasshopper made the rest of the two hour trip quietly, and was relased in our backyard.

Jessica McDonald said...

Actually, Christa, I did look about me every few seconds...I fell asleep about a half and hour later...

megan rose said...

I, also can not stand bugs! Especially spiders:0 When Anna and I were in Texas we were going outside to hang clothes on the line. We opened the door, and right there on the outside of the door was a BIG black spider!! We screamed, dropped the clothes basket and ran in the other room. The Hubers thought this was funny and started laughing:) It could have been a poisonous jumping spider! You never know. After having it thrown at us, we ran outside to finish our job and get away from the spider. I just can't stand bugs!!! Megan:)

The Pookie said...

Spiders never did me any good either... I can usually bear anything else though(having three brothers who like to throw bugs at you makes it easy)HOWEVER...I CAN NOT STAND COCKROACHES!!!!!! the thought of them sends shivers down my spine!!!

I'm so glad you will be there on friday, jess!! How many of yall will be there?


Jessica McDonald said...

We're not sure yet. But I'll tell you when I find out!


The Pookie said...

Yes, I know how that goes! Don't worry about it...I'll find out when I get there :):):)