Monday, May 08, 2006

An Update...Once Again

An extremely busy couple of days has just passed and there are quite a few more are ahead of us.
We had a very fun time in Lansing, Michigan, where Christa and I were able to help Brian and Shanna Denton out with the Children's Program.
The Children's Program was held at Impression 5 Children's Science Center, so we took them upstairs to explore the hands-on museum several times. At the end of the conference the Denton's treated Christa, me, and the other team leaders to dinner, which was really cool! It was a Hawaiian type restaurant called Cheeseburger in Paradise. It was a very sad parting, since the last time we will probably see them is in June. So this was the second to last time. :(
Anyway, on Sunday we made our way to Illinois where we are now staying with the Erber family, who have kindly opened their home to us. It has been a very fun two days so far. We played Volleyball (which was pretty successful) and cards, and had some nice times talking and watching hilarious commercials. :)
Also, my Mom could use a lot of prayer. Her foot is infected and she's going to have to fly home on Wendsday morning with Tiffany and William. So please pray for her.
Well, it's 11:30 at night, so I'd better get to bed. And I am going to post some pictures ASAP! :)


Jonathan M. Erber said...

"We played Volleyball (which was pretty successful)"

I like the wording. :-)

Oh well, just watch out next time!

It was great having your family over. Hope you all make it back home safe!

Jessica McDonald said...

As Joshua said, maybe when Jessica (your sister) comes back, then we can try again, and maybe she'll help y'all win. :D lol. Just maybe....

We had so much fun!! Thank you so much for having us! Now you guys have to come stay with us when you're near Houston!