Monday, November 10, 2008

15 Things I'm Not Afraid to Admit

*edit* Sorry about my missing number three! :-D I HAD a number three but...I suppose something happened to it! lol. Anyways, I fixed that... :-D *end edit*

So I've been tagged by Ella to do the 15 things that I am not afraid to admit! :-) Thank you Ella for tagging me! Let's see if I can think of 15 things...

Here goes:

1) I am a Christian! A Reformed Presbyterian, to be exact. :-) (And because I love this quote sooo much, I'm going to add it to my answer!) I am not afraid to admit that, "I believe on Jesus Christ, who truly is the King that comes to me with gentleness and grace, rescuing me from sin, death, devil and hell. Into Him have I been baptized, in Him I believe, with Him I remain, and unto Him I will die and rise again." (Martin Luther)

2) I love History! Whether that be historical books, historical movies, historical clothing, historical museums, historical art, historical music...whatever (don't you just love the word 'historical'? *grin*). I love it all! And as for the clothing part. Well... :-) Everyone should know that the clothing "back then" was by far more attractive than clothing today. :-) And Regency and 1950's attire happen to be my two current favorites. :-)

3) I have no qualms about singing wherever I am. And maybe dancing to it, too. As a matter of fact just recently I served an entire meal while singing.
Example: Me- (to the tune of a song) "William! What would you like to eat!" and "William what do you say now that I've given you your food!"
William- (same tune, sung with a VERY deep voice) Thank you.
Hehe. It was hilarious...

4) Like Ella and Jasmine, I enjoy "other" music! :-) Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy Hymns, Psalms and Christian music very much, but I also love Opera and Musicals (and Broadway Musicals such as Les Miserables and The Scarlet Pimpernel). And of course, I also love singers such as Michael Buble, Nat King Cole, Amy Adams, Kiri, Riverdance, Josh Groban, Kate Rusby, Patrizio Buanne and the like. :-)

5) I love acting and drama!! Someday I would love to be in a stage production of a musical just for fun! :-)

6) I could never and would never join any branch of the military. Besides the fact that the entire notion of women in the military is against my beliefs, I would be absolutely impractical to the poor people. And I would drive them absolutely crazy. ("Where's the outlet so I can plug in my curlers?" " does this gun work again?" "Okay, this camo outfit looks sooo dumb on me! Can I make myself a historical 1776 uniform?" etc.) HeHe. ;-D

7) I am writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days! And I only have about 15,000 more words to go! *does the happy dance*

8) I cry during movies. I simply cannot help myself. And I also give running commentary during a film as well. Another thing I cannot seem to help. :-) But good heavens if I waited to say all that stuff until afterwards I would have forgotten it all and then what would be the use? No, no. I must say it during and that is all there is to it. ;-)

9) I do so love a good costume drama! The Importance of Being Earnest, all the Jane Austens, Victoria and Albert, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Ruby in the Smoke, Twelfth Night...Yup. The whole package. :-)

10) My favorite poem is "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes. And no, it has nothing to do with Anne of Green Gables. :-) And Loreena McKennit has a gorgeous "song" version of it, by the way.

11) I hope to someday go overseas and visit all the places that I've heard and read so much about! Scotland, Venice, Rome, London...the list goes on. Anywhere that has history? I'd love to go! :-)

12) I am the ultimate tooth brush loser. As in, I am constantly losing it. Or one of my younger siblings is constantly taking it by accident. ;-D (you can decide which.) It is a good thing that my mother always has extras on hand. HeHe.

13) I LOVE Shakespeare's works! "Twelfth Night", "Romeo and Juliet", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Much Ado About Nothing" and "A Comedy of Errors" are my favorites! (I like "Hamlet" too but it is so very sad. *sniff*)

14) I love the movie "Hot Lead and Cold Feet"...a fact which no one in my family can really understand. It is a dumb, ridiculously brainless movie...but I think it is one of the most hilarious movies I've ever seen! :-D Oh, and love it when the missionary brother sings "Something Good is Bound To Happen" I wish I could find it on youtube so that y'all could listen to it! :-D

15) I am not afraid to admit that God gave men and women different roles in life. We are matter how much the liberals say otherwise. I consider it a blessing to be a woman...a blessing to conduct myself in a feminine manner, to train to be a stay-at-home wife and be a homemaker. I do not consider it a shame to spend my life being a helpmeet to a husband and raising children in the fear and admonition of the Lord (as I pray I will someday have the opportunity to do.). I consider it a high calling, and one which I am eager to be called to someday (Lord Willing).

And as I finished with that *grin*, I Tag:


Have a *marvelous* week, y'all, and may the Lord bless and keep you!

In Christ Alone,

Jessica Nicole

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brooke said...

WOW we have alot in common, Jess!!! :D


Tiffany of Dixie said...

Hi Jessica,

I have been reading your blog for about a year, but I don't think I've ever commented (although I have posted a few comments on Tiffany's blog.) I love your new look and was wondering how you made the banner at the top.

~Tiffany from South Carolina

Jasmine said...

Oh, this was so fun to read, Jessica!

Ha! I could never join the military either; besides all of the reasons you've mentioned, I think I'd be the scaredy cat they portray in war movies, the one who crouches behind something and hides for the entire battle.

I like a very ridiculous movie called "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World" that my family simply doesn't understand and refuses to watch with me. :-) I haven't seen it in years...

Bailey said...

Amen, Jessica!

I'm with you on the military thing...not with curlers, but I'd collapse *trying* to do a pullup. I prefer archery in me Susalas dress. ;) (BTW, have you--if you get it--seen the article in "World" about women soldiers? I cried.)

And yay musicals!! I'm an ex-"Annie" orphan and a slightly older Bielke of "Fiddler on the Roof." Not to mention a brown-headed Oompa-Loompa, but I only lip-synched. :D

Ella said...

Let's see....I love #1. I am also a Reformed Presbyterian. Tohough my family is newer to the Refored wing than you. (Though we aren't new to Christianity.)

#2: 50's attire is definitely the best. I would love to duplicate it.

#4: Amy Adams....that must mean Enchanted =) I've had her on today. I haven't quite developed the taste for opera yet though.

#6: I agree with you one hundred percent on the military issue. It's against my beliefs and I am a weakling! I couldn't even carry the gun =)

#7: I thought you were writing a 150,000 word novel?

#8: Which Scarlet Pimpernel version is your favorite?

#11: I would love to go to all those overseas places connected with history as well. But if given a choice, I would first spend a month in Northern Virginia, D.C., and Pennsylvania

#13: I know.....I should try Shakespeare.

#15: What greater calling is there for a woman?

So this comment is long enough I think!

Elissa said...

Oooh, goody! I original tag! I've never seen one like this... I was getting tired of 'random things about me' tags :D
your #6 had me and my mom rolling with laughter!!!
We are SOO much alike, it's so funny!!! :D
~Lis <3

Elissa said...

Oh, and i forgot to say, you don't have a #3 ;D hehe.

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Brooke, HeHe! That's so funny... :-D

Hi Tiffany! Nice to meet you! I actually made the banner on with their "Scrapbook" maker. :-D

Jasmine, LOL! That would be me too! :-D
Ooo! I've been wanting to see "It's A Mad Mad Mad World"! I love what other people label as "ridiculous" movies! :-D Hehe...

Bailey, Same here! I cannot even do one pullup...I wonder how many you have to do to join in the first place? Good thing they didn't pass that bit about women being drafted! They would have been sorry! HaHa! :-D I haven't read that article...I'll have to go find it!
*dances* I love musicals!!!! :-D *dances some more*

Ella, yes! I love "Enchanted"...maybe sometime I'll post a video of my sister Melissa and I lip syncing to's hilarious... :-D
I agree about the gun! I couldn't carry one either! lol! Much less march with that AND a backpack that weighs 50 pounds or so. Yikes!
No, thankfully it's only 50,000!
I watched the new Scarlet Pimpernel and I didn't like it. The 1982 is my FAVORITE!! It's great to quote too! "Sink Me!" Hehe! Which is yours?

Lis, Thank you SO much for pointing that out! LOL! I had not even noticed! I must have accidentally deleted it. My bad. I went ahead and fixed it!:-D hehe! LOVE YOU BUNCHES! *big hug*

In Christ Alone,


Bria said...

Hello Jessica,
I love your blog! I have met your family a while back, when your father spoke at Christ Church. Your sister Tiffany came to stay with Mrs. Chancey who is our next door neihbor and dear friend. My family and I got to know Tiffany over dinner and a movie. I love your mother's book 'Raising Maidens of Virtue' and read it over and over.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jessica! I managed to find 15 things that were slightly different than yours to fearlessly admit (this tag would get pretty boring if everybody listed the same things!). It was an interesting tag; I don't think I've ever seen one like it!


Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Hello there!

First, the military section was sheer hilarity....

Second, I've got a bit of a small favor to ask. I'm currently in a discussion on my blog (mostly my recent "Today" post) with a feminist, and as so many of her questions, etc. have to do with women, and other matters that I admit I am not entirely skilled in answering, I was wondering if I could recruit some aid in explaining my position? Any thoughts would be appreciated; feel free to hop on over and comment directly, if you like!



The Hemmers said...

I have to comment on your movie choice, Jessica. Our family enjoys Hot Lead and Cold Feet too! My sister wrote a play and based two of the characters on the sheriff and his archenemy, Rattlesnake. She does a great imitation of Don Knotts! Yes, it's a silly movie, but we crack up everytime we watch it. I guess that means we are easily entertained! ;-)


Ella said...

I love the 1982 version of the Scarlet Pimpernel. That quote you gave my brother imitates all the time. He does it quite well! =)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Bria, Yes! Tiff told me about meeting you! I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog and my mother's book! It's very nice to meet you!

Laura, I hadn't either! I prefer it very much though to the "Random things" tags (though I like doing those too.)

Spencer, Thanks. :-D I'd love to help out in any way that I can (in my free time). I'll go ahead and look over the comments.

Faith, That is SO neat that y'all enjoy it too! Hehe...Great minds! :-D Don Knotts is hysterical...that would be a FUN impersonation to see!!! :-D

Ella, *hugs my DVD of 1982 SP* LOL! I know a young man that can quote the "Odd's Fish M'Dear" to a T! :-D It's hilarious! :-D

Thank you y'all for the comments! Have a great week!

In Christ Alone,


Emil Bandy said...

Thanks for the tag!!
It'll be coming up today!!

Achaia said...

Hi Jessica,

It was really fun reading all your answers... it seems like we have some in common too! Joining the military-- yikes! I would absolutely HATE it. Going overseas-- I'd love to! Especially Greece because my name is a Greek province (can you imagine that? I really love it!!).

I'm looking forward to seeing your novel finished. We will, won't we?

Have a lovely day!

Maiden Meghan said...

Hi Jessica,
I don't know if I've introduced myself yet, but here it goes: I'm Meghan and I've been reading your blog for awhile now. I love it!After reading the 15 things list, wow do we have a lot in common! I cry ridiculously hard during movies-at happy parts, sad parts....father-daughter parts especially. :) I am very sentimental. :) And, for reasons I am not quite sure of, I adore the poem "The Highway Man" by Alfred Noys. For a school assignment I had to give my own rendition of it, and I was crying as I wrote it out. :) I also enjoy 'other' music...especially music from old classic musicals. Broadway, sometimes. But mostly Roger and Hammersteins, Jerome Kern, things like that. :) I love history-the civil war is a passionate interest of mine.
Well, that comment is long enough-it's more like a dissertation. :) I'd love if we could be friends, Jessica. Thank you for the fun, encouraging posts on your blog!
In Christ, Meghan

Camille S said...

Hey, Jessica!
Remember me?

I LOVE your template!

You can visit my blog at: if you haven't already seen it.

Just thought I'd drop a note!

~Camille S~

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Emil, you're welcome!! Yours are great! :-D

Achaia, I'm glad that you enjoyed them!! *dreamy sigh* I always wanted to go to Greece too. 'twould be marvelous fun!
Yup! I'm working hard on it...though a bit exhausted at this point but don't worry, I haven't quit yet!! :-)

Meghan, Yes! It's delightful to meet you! My "big cry" parts in movies tend to be when a guy cries. *sniff* 'tis soooo sad, and generally when a guy cries in a movie he REALLY has something to cry about...*sniff*. :-) Again, it's great to meet you thank you for commenting!!

Camille, of course I remember you!! :-) Thank you! It took me a few hours of prespiration and tears, lol, but I finally got it done and was VERY happy! :-D I'll be sure to check out your blog!!

Thank you for the comments y'all!

In Christ Alone,


Seth Ben-Ezra said...


This is your fault, you know. ;-)

15 Things I'm Not Ashamed Of

Anonymous said...

This blog is cute!! Very feminine and Jane Austin-ish...but I daresay you did that all on purpose.

I just stumbled upon "you" a few minutes ago...and am working my way down!

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Mr. Ben Ezra, *grin*

Remnant Reminscences, Thank you very much! Jane Austen what-nots and femininity are two great *loves* of mine! :-)

In Christ Alone,


Julia said...

Hi Jessica!

I loved this post and just had to comment! :D

Oh my! Your mom wrote "Raising Maidens of Virtue"?? I had no idea! I love that book. It's so encouraging...quite the 'breath of fresh air'! :)

I forgot to add you to my blog list and am doing so right now!


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Julia, Thank you for your comment!! Yes, my Mom wrote "Raising Maidens of Virtue." :-D I'm so glad that it was beneficial to you!!

God Bless!!