Friday, November 07, 2008

This is the Short and Long of it...

So Dad has been wanting to stain our deck for some time now. So Caleb and I helped him a bit and we got the floor of the screened-in porch stained. Dad had some work to do (and Caleb and I couldn't move ALL the deck furniture alone!) for Sunday so we went ahead and went inside.
That evening we discovered that a wonderful friend had gotten a group of guys together to come and stain our deck the following morning! Thank you so much to each of you, the work you did for us was truly a blessing!!!
Here is the album with some photos of the day:

Deck Painters!

And also yesterday Melissa, Caleb, Emma William and I decided to go out, enjoy some fresh air on the lawn and finish raking up the leaves and dumping them by the garden with our John Deere Tractor! It was a delightful time spent together and we got a good deal of work done as well. :-)
Afterwards Melissa shot some photos of William and I. Then we happened to notice that the Chickens were crossing the road (of course! lol.) so we chased them back to the yard and after that was done, I got a few more photos! :-)
So here they are for y'all to enjoy as you weren't able to be there with us! :-D

The Wonders of Fall

Have a marvelous week!

Cheerio! ~Jessica Nicole

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Elissa said...

Captain Wentworth and Mr. Darcy but no Henry Tilney? I am quite shocked! (I'm sorry, I couldn't help my self.)
Beautiful pictures JEss! (of the leaf raking and stuff, I couldn't exactly say the deck painters pictures were *beautiful*.. hehe) Yes, I'm in an extremely goofy mood.... I made my self a very strong cappucino earlier ;)
LOVE YA!!!!!!

brooke said...

Looks like fun!! :)


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Lis, LOL! I added one of him! :-D But of COURSE he must be on here!'re hilarious! :-D
Ooo! Cappuccino sounds *marvelous*!! Wouldn't mind one at the moment personally. :-D LOVE YOU LOADS!

Brooke, It was!!! :-) Fall is one of my favorite times of year and painting is SO fun! :-)


Robert L. said...

Those were indeed very nice pictures. The combination of work and fun is often not found together, but when they are it is hard to find a better pair. My dad and I are building a chicken shed on the weekends, and there is absolutely nothing fun about that. The main reason for that being we have chickens living in the shed as we build it. It is a mess, again nothing fun about it.

Robert L.

Ana Smith said...

I love the pictures and your new blog design. Wow! Where did you find it? Or are you going to keep that a secret, hmm?

Ana Smith said...

lol! I just read the other comments and answered my own question. Wow! You did a great job. :-) How do you do the moods?

Bailey said...

*Love* your new blog design!! Especially the quote at the top...somehow that seems awwfully familiar. ;)

Someday I will read Jane Austen and become obsessed. :)

Until then,


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Robert, yeah, definitely! What makes work even MORE fun is when you act goofy while doing it and just hardly think about 'work' then! :-D (Sugar and Caffeine help give that affect! lol!)

Ana, thanks! It took me a while but I finally got it done *happily*! :-) I got the moods from here: :-)

Bailey, Thanks! And yeah, lol, that's what I thought when I read the quote! hehe! If and when you decide to read Jane Austen, you will LOVE it! I know I did. :-D


Tara Janelle said...

Ooohhh! I love the new design...just the style I like! :-) Fall is my absolute favorite season! I enjoyed looking through your pictures!

Robert L. said...

Act goofy? What would I know about that? Well more then I will admit. My siblings are the key ingredient for my being goofy. I try to stay more sober minded around other people. :)

Robert L.