Monday, November 10, 2008

Feeling Hyper 'n Happy :)

What ho, Y'all?

So Sunday night we (as in the Candlers, Sanford's, Price's and us) decided to stay late at Church and enjoy some extra *fellowship time*. :-) We ordered pizza (from Domino's, of course.), the Candlers brought some games from their house, and we goofed off and of course had a *marvelously* insanely happy time! :-)

I thought that since it was SO much fun that y'all might enjoy viewing some photos of the time we spent together!
Now don't get TOO freaked out over the *crazy* have to understand that when you take our particular families (and certain members of those families who will remain un-named. *grin*) and add caffeine and late hours it equals CRAZINESS. Really. ;-) So honestly, please view at your own risk. :-D


Have an *exuberant* week!

In Christ Alone,


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Can a person be in three moods at one time? :-)


tara janelle said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I love spending time and playing games with close friends! The parents at our church were going though a video series at the Erber's house, so we kids had a lot of fun together singing, musical chairs, duck duck goose, four on a couch...the list goes on! Thanks so sharing!

And yes, you can be all three moods at one -I've been those three a lot!

Emil Bandy said...

ROFLOL..... oh my.....

Wow..... looks like ya'll had TONS of fun :D

Ella said...

Times with good friends are such fun. I remember days like that at our old church. But we have since left....and now they're gone..... Boo Hoo! =) Yoyu make me quite envious

Robert L. said...

I can remember a a lot of late nights with the Candlers.

Bailey said...

I wish all churches had *fellowship* like this. ;D LOL Looks a little like my family, strangely. :)

p.s. Congrats on the a-bit-over-halfway mark on your novel. Keep going!

~~The Procrastinatoress

Elissa said...

*ENVIOUS SIGH* it looks like y'all had a perfectly marvelous time!!!! Times spent like that are some of the best memory makers, especially the crazy late nights!!!! Anyway, it looks like tons of fun!!!!

Ella said...

Oh, Jessica, I have given you an award! =)

Brooke said...

Looks like ya'll had alot of fun. We went to the Evans'.
BTW we all got to see Fireproof. It was really cool. :)