Thursday, November 06, 2008

*edit* I'm also going to be putting "mood" pictures at the bottom of my posts from now on. I found them on a site and thought they looked fun (they're all from Jane Austen films). I guess I'll see how they work! :-) *end edit*

If y'all are wondering what in the world is going on with my blog, I'm working on a new design! :-) So don't worry, I should have it done soon!

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Ella said...

Obviously, you love Northanger Abbey. And you must have seen the Masterpiece Theatre version. That's the only one I have seen, but I thought it was pretty good. One or two parts made my eyebrows raise, though =)

Elissa said...

I *LOVE* the new look Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes and redesigns my blog* It is So 'you' ;)

Nathan said...

Wow, I like the cover you have for your blog. I'm guessing you like Jane Austen? :)

Robert L. said...

The new design looks nice.

Robert L.

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Ella, YES! I LOVE Northanger Abbey (partly because I can relate to Catherine so well. HeHe.) My favorite Jane Austen book/movie! :-D The 70's version was horrid...not *bad* but very poorly made! :-) I will agree there were some "eyebrow" scenes in it (only us girls watched it), but thankfully it wasn't quite as bad as I was afraid it would be (though Isabella's dresses were horrible!). And Catherine and Henry were PERFECT for their parts!! So cute!:-)

Lis, Thank you, deary! I worked for hours last night redesigning and redesigning. I finally made this one on Microsoft Publisher! Hehe. Cutest Blogs on the Block didn't have any Jane Austen themed backgrounds! LOVE YOU TOO! <3

Goose, Thank you!! Oh yes! :-D I love, love, love Jane Austen's works!! :-D And of course, Northanger Abbey is my favorite of all time!! Pride and Prejudice comes right in second though! :-) Tell your family I said 'hello'!!

Robert, thank you! I'm really pleased with how it turned out after much toil and hardship (okay, so maybe not the hardship part. lol.). :-D

Thank you so much for the comments y'all! God bless your week!


Maiden Meghan said...

This is a beautiful lay out! I love it! Very 'Jane Austen.' My personal favorite is Sense and Sensibility-the book. And my favorite movie is the most recent re-make of Pride and Prejudice. Your book sounds really neat, Jessica!
~From a reader who decided to pop out of the wood work~

Elissa said...

That is funny, when you sent me the site link, and I saw her 'mood' things I decided to do it on my blog ;) "Great Minds" again? (It's getting rather scary at how closely we think alike! hehe)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Meghan, Thank you so much for commenting!! I'm so glad that you decided to 'pop out of the woodwork'! :-D I love to meet new people in the blogdom! :-) Thank you so much (about my book and the layout!)!! I love Pride and Prejudice too...but I've never read "Sense and Sensibility", though I plan to sometime. :-) God bless!!!

Lis, LOL! That's hilarious! :-D It's really scary how alike we are! :-D That's soooo neat that you'll do it too! I think it's lots of fun! :-D Loads of love!

Toodle Pip! ~Jessica

brooke said...

I love your pictures, Jess!!!!
It looks very Regency. :D

Hannah Jane said...

Where did you get the mood things?

Maiden Fair said...

I love your new design! I too am a reader "popping out of the woodwork," and Northanger Abbey is my favoritest Jane Austen novel. :)

kathryn grace said...

I really like your new look! How do you create your own blog designs?